How To Use a Cricut Cutter: A Simple Guide to Getting Started with Cricut

When you purchased your Cricut, you were likely crazy excited to get started. But when you started looking at the software and machine as a beginner, you started feeling overwhelmed.

Even if you have completed a couple of simple projects, but still don’t feel confident when you sit down to craft – you’re not alone and this post can help you.

Cricut Explore 2 Machine The Cricut Explore machine is an easy-to-moderate machine to learn. Of course, this is relative to what you consider easy. 

Cricut Explore 3 Machine What about the Explore 3 machine? The Explore 3 can do everything that the Explore 2 can do but is compatible with Smart Materials and can cut up to 12 feet long.

Cricut Maker Machine

Is the Cricut Maker machine easy to learn?  Here’s the answer: yes and no. Again easy is relative to each person’s current skill level. Still, I will say while the Maker, in my opinion, is not hard, it does take extra time to learn.

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