Autumn Sunburst Dahlia: Paper Flower Craft Tutorial

Dahlias have graced my blog many times before, but this Autumn Sunburst Dahlia is by far my favorite dahlia design.

Today you will find written and picture instructions, a step-by-step video tutorial, a resource and supply list, and of course, links to the Autumn Sunburst Dahlia flower templates.

– 50 lb text weight metallic cardstock. – Glue gun – 18 gauge wire – 1-inch foam ball – Wood dowel or pencil – Corsage tape – Cricut machine


Step 1. Gather your supplies. Always make sure you have all your supplies ready to go, and a clean and spacious work area for any of your craft projects.

How To Make A Paper Autumn Sunburst Dahlia

Step 2. Cut your petals. Start by cutting out your petals and center bud pieces. I used shades of peach, coral and ivory, but your color choices depend on your preferences.

Step 3. Distress your petals. I like to add some color to the center bud and the petals because it gives the flowers dimension and it makes the petals look natural.

Step 4. Curl the petals. To achieve this effect, use a wood dowel or a pencil to curl the paper petals.

Tap the link below to see the full instruction.