DIY Paper Dahlia Flower Tutorial – Easy Pearl Center Dahlia

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Paper Dahlia Flower Tutorial - How to make easy small paper dahlia flowers with a pearl center. Easy flower tutorials for wedding decor.

It’s time for another paper dahlia flower tutorial! I’ve made several styles of paper dahlia flowers over the years. From giant wall flower dahlias to my original small design and even an Autumn Sunburst Dahlia, I thought it was time to add one more with a fun pearl twist on the flower’s center.

Paper flowers like these dahlias are perfect for custom wedding decor or any special event.

Let’s review the supplies you need for this paper flower tutorial if you want to see all my favorite paper resources be sure to read my top 9 paper brand suggestions here!

Paper Dahlia Flower Tutorial - How to make easy small paper dahlia flowers with a pearl center. Easy flower tutorials for wedding decor.

Supplies for Making Paper Dahlia Flowers

Download The Paper Dahlia flower Templates

Firstly you will need to download the templates. Find these paper flower dahlia templates inside our Member Vault, along with hundreds of other premium flower crafts! Once logged in, type in ‘dahlia’ or design #451 at the top search to find these flower templates.

Paper Dahlia Flower Tutorial - How to make easy small paper dahlia flowers with a pearl center. Easy flower tutorials for wedding decor.

Pearl Dahlia Video Tutorial

Watch the full video to learn how to make these DIY paper dahlia flowers above. For more paper flower tutorials like this one, check out our paper flower section here on the blog. You may also love our cascading bouquet tutorial.

For a picture tutorial overview, keep reading.

How to make small dahlia paper flowers.

Paper Dahlia Flower Instructions

  1. Download the dahlia templates. Again, you can get this template and ALL my designs in the Member Vault or download just this one flower here.
  2. Cut out six paper dahlia flower petal layers. I used my Cricut machine for cutting the SVG templates, but you can also use the PDF printables with a pair of scissors, which are included with the download. If you are new to Cricut, read my tutorial on uploading an SVG file to Design Space.
  3. Once you have cut out all the petals, curl each of the dahlia petal points with the 1/4-inch wood dowel.
  4. Gather the petals points of each layer and tuck the petals all in the same direction. Give your flower layer a bit of a twist before opening it back up.
  5. Start building the flower by layering two of the petal layer together and alternating the petal points.
  6. Repeat step 5 until you reach the last petal layer.
  7. Glue the large 12 mm pearl into the paper dahlia flower’s center.
  8. Add hot glue over the top of the large pearl letting the glue fall around the center.
  9. Sprinkle on your tiny 4mm pearls to complete the pearl dahlia center. You may want to have a weeding tool or pencil to push the small pearls around and get them sticking to the glue.
Dahlia flower templates.

Stemming Your Paper Flowers

And that’s all there is to these pearl paper dahlia flowers! Glue the paper leaves to the bottom, and you can now add these flowers to a wreath or any project. If you want to learn how to stem a flower or add them to a bouquet, keep reading here!

Did you enjoy this small paper pearl dahlia flower tutorial? What other flowers do you want to see next? Tell me below in the comments!

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Small flower tutorial.

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