Beginner Hacks On Using Cricut Machine And Design Space

Whether you are a beginner or a more seasoned Cricut crafter, these Cricut Hacks and Secrets will save your sanity and help you stay more organized along the way.

To keep your material cutting smoothly you can clean your blade with a ball of tin foil.

Clean Your Blade With Tin Foil

Don’t waste those odd and end vinyl pieces! Store your scraps in a clear magazine holder to easily see what you have to work with.

Store Vinyl Scraps In A Magazine Holder

If you have an intricate design that is cut out on paper or vinyl you can easily collect the excess small pieces on a lint roller to save time!

Use A Lint Roller To Pick Up Small Pieces From Your Mat Or Design

This is probably one of my favorite Cricut hacks! Buy a cheap nail polish holder to collect tiny vinyl pieces when weeding.

Use A Nail Polish Holder For Vinyl Scraps

To help keep track, store scraps of vinyl with the brand and type of vinyl on a metal ring, so you can always find your favorite vinyl!

Keep Track Of Your Favorite Vinyls

This little tool is so cute and handy, it even makes it possible to iron-on vinyl to your tumblers!

Use Iron-On Vinyl On Tumblers With The Cricut Easy Mini-Press