Bella Rose DIY Paper Flower Tutorial

I can’t wait to share my new DIY Paper Bella Rose Tutorial today! This rose follows the basic method but adds in a Ruby Rose small flower design as its center.


– Bella templates – Glue Gun65-pound cardstock – Wire clippers – Scissors and/or cutting machine – Thin wooden dowel  – 3 inch circle punch – Pencil

Cut the following number of petals. – XL petal  – 7-8 – Large petal – 7-8 – Medium petal  – 6-7 – Small petal – 6-7 – Ruby Center – 4 – 1 3-4 inch circle

Step 1

Step 2 To start on our DIY paper rose tutorial, cut 2 in slits at the bottom of all the petals and overlap slightly. Curl the extra large and large petals backward.

Step 3 Build your first layer as in the basic method. Overlap each petal at a  45 degree angle until all 7 or 8 of your extra large petals meet together.

Step 4 Add your circle over the back. You can also cut a small square. Step 5, 6 & 7 Add in the second, third and fourth layers of petals.

Tap the link below to see the full instructionS.