Easy Rock Painting Ideas + Cactus Rock Painting Tutorial

Today I am going to to share with you some easy rock painting ideas, the supplies for rock painting, a cactus painted rock tutorial and my favorite Rock Art Handbook!

Let me start by saying my supply suggestions are very general because there are so many techniques and ways to paint rocks. Seriously, the possibilities might be infinite.


– Rocks – Acrylic Paint – Bristle Brushes – Foam Brush – Dotting Tools – Brush Marker or Pens

Cactus Rock Garden Tutorial

I use a a few different shades of green paint for variation when creating my cactus painted rocks. I choose some irregular and longer shaped rocks for this project.

Since my rocks were naturally lighter in colors I skipped straight to painting the base coat of green on my rocks. If you have darker rocks you may want to spray paint them white first.

Once my rock was fully dried I decided to use my markers to add some detail. Strips, dots, dashes and lines, asterisk and V swashes all can resemble cacti pricks!

I then added some additional detail by using mini pebble-like rocks and pink paint to add a cactus “top hat” as I like to call it.