Everything You Need to Know for Making Easy Paper Flowers

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So you want to make paper flowers? Learn what supplies you need, how to stem small blooms or hang giant paper flowers on your walls and more!

In this post, you will learn answers to many beginners frequently asked questions when making paper flowers.

I have been making paper flowers for over 10+ years now and have earned the name the Queen of Paper Flowers in my little corner of the internet. This post is always evolving base on any recurring questions I may receive from customers and readers here on the blog! I’ve got your back, crafty bestie!

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FAQs For Making Easy Paper Flowers

What kind of paper should I use?

Use high-quality cardstock for the best results. I’ve used 176gram/65lb weighted. You can find a variety of colors and textures at most craft stores. I use Hobby Lobby & Michaels craft store. And here is one online source I love to use. Cardsandpockets.com

To view ALL my paper resources read this post on the Best Paper For Paper Flowers here.

How do I hang my flowers if I can’t attach them to walls?

I have a variety of ways to hang giant paper wallflowers. I always recommend mounting tape, command hooks, or wire on the back. However, for some of you, that may not be an option if you are using an event space. In this case, I recommend going to your local hardware store and using PVC to build a lightweight frame. You can then cover it with fabric or attach a thick poster board and then attach all your flowers as desired with a hot glue gun. For hanging flowers on fabric, use pins as shown here.

How many sheets of paper will it take to make one flower?

Cardstock for paper flowers

The amount of paper needed to make paper flowers will depend greatly on the style of paper flower you are creating as well as if you are a beginner, using a cutting machine, or cutting by hand. I have written approximations below so you can prepare when making your paper flowers.

Giant paper flowers in general for me require the following number of 8.5 x 11 cardstock:

  • An extra-large giant flower will take about 16-17 sheets
  • Large giant flower about 10-11 sheets
  • Medium giant flower about 5-6 sheets

For rose designs, the amount of paper will increase because we have to build out the rose centers. I recommend planning on adding 20% more paper to the values above for rose designs.

For smaller designs that may be made for a wreath, vase, or to create a paper bouquet, you will use much less for each flower but will probably create more flowers in general since they are smaller.

How to stem a paper flower and make a paper flower bouquet.

For small flower I generally use the following amount of cardstock:

  • 1-2 pieces of cardstock for the petal layers
  • If there is a center then 1-2 pieces may be needed per center
  • 1-2 pieces for leaves if added

What other supplies will I need?

Using inks and pan pastels for paper flowers.

How do I stem a small paper flower?

Some of my small flower designs build the stem right in like this full bloom peony. There are many others that do not so I have created a step-by-step tutorial here that can help you learn how to stem any small flower!

Looking to stem giant paper flowers? Try using copper tubing for a curvy stem or PVC pipes to create stems!

Can you help me learn my Cricut machine?

I love helping crafty besties at the start of their Cricut journey! I can show you how to upload an SVG cut file here to Cricut Design Space. To make sure you are learning your Cricut the RIGHT way, join my FREE Cricut Freedom Workshop here! Also, check out 16 Questions Every Cricut Newbie Asks!

What if I don’t have a cutting machine?

Don’t worry I do my best to design petals (especially giant flowers) that are simple enough in nature to hand cut.
For small bouquet flowers cutting machines are recommended for certain designs that are intricate, although I do provide an outline of the petals if you wish to print and hand cut the small flowers. Of course, this process takes some extra TCL and patience. But if you are ambitious, then go for it!

How to make paper flowers with a cricut machine.

Please make sure you print using the PDF format for hand cutting. Print on a heavy 50-65lb cardstock (laminate if you can) and use the templates to trace and cut on any paper. This is meant to be a trace-and-cut approach.
You can run each piece of cardstock through your printer using the PDF option, however, this process takes extra time, could cause a printer to jam.

What sizes do you offer?

Most of my traditional giant flowers make a 17-18 inch flower in diameter. Some exceptions like Ella rose, Hawaiian flower, and Emery make between a 19-22 inch flower.

For small paper flower designs, most will measure about 3.5-4.5 inches with a few exceptions such as the Sunburst Dahlias which measure over 6 inches. Exact measurements are always written in the description so you know if it is right for you!

I want to make a shadow box. What flower templates do you recommend?

For shadow box crafts, paper rosettes are ideal. Other small designs can work too but it is recommended you resize them to be smaller with the help of a cutting machine, like Cricut.

Small paper rosette flowers for shadow boxes.

How do I make my giant flowers extra, extra-large?

I get some crafty besties who want to go really large on their giant flowers. Hey, go big or go home, right?
If you wish for your flowers to be larger you can always add an additional layer using the extra-large petal, this usually increases the size by about 2-3 more inches. You can also increase your base and add extra layers that way.

The best method for enlarging the petal templates themselves, if you don’t have a cutting machine, is to either send them to a printer for enlargement or use the PNG image included to enlarge to your desired size in a Word doc or a similar program.
Please keep in mind that you can generally only buy nice colored card stock in 8.5×11 or 12×12 so don’t enlarge the templates so big that you can’t cut the petals out.

Can I sell the flowers I make with these templates?

selling paper flowers.

Selling the flower designs created by Abbi Kirsten Collections at Catching Colorflies is allowed only under a Seller’s license agreement.
You will need to purchase the license from Catching Colorflies Designs prior to selling any flowers.
The main rules with the Seller’s license are that you must sell these flowers either through a personal site, e-commerce site, blog, social media account, or offline event business.

  • Designs may not be re-sold on Etsy because this would put me in direct competition with my own work. The ONLY exception to this if you include the flower design as a piece of another product – for example, a shadow box that contains paper flowers or a wood sign with a paper flower on it.
  • Templates may never be resold under any conditions. Selling physical flower kits to teach local classes is allowed with express permission from Abbi Kirsten Collections. Email me at [email protected] to get approval.
  • Perks of using our templates for flower making including a chance to be featured on our social media! Tag us @abbikirstencollections. The current number is over 400,000 combined followers on Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest!
  • I also occasionally feature Seller’s in our email newsletter – this reaches nearly 200,000 email inboxes!
  • All copyrights ultimately remain with Catching Colorflies & Abbi Kirsten Collections.
  • A single line of credit is much appreciated when using the templates (though not required).

Interested in the seller’s license? Purchase yours here! If you have any questions, please contact me at [email protected]

How do I access the files when I purchase in your shop?

Your zip files can be found right after payment clears. We will send an email with a receipt that can take you to your files. Please always check your spam and promotions folders. If you are on Etsy you can also find them under your Etsy account > purchases.

Please download it on a computer and not a phone. If you need help unzipping the files because you are using a mobile device please simply contact me through the shop and let me know which file type you prefer (PDF or SVG) and I will email them to you personally!

So you want to make paper flowers? Learn what supplies you need, how to stem small blooms or hang giant paper flowers on your walls and more!

Hey, Crafty bestie! I’m Abbi!

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