6 Crafts To Reuse Cardboard Tubes

If you have tons of leftover cardboard tubes in your craft room like me then you will love these six brilliant cardboard tube crafts!

DIY Craft Vinyl Holder This idea, a vinyl roll holder from your empty vinyl rolls, is my favorite because it’s kinda like the chicken and the egg theory, where one comes from the other.

Cord Keeper In my craft room, I have an entire drawer of unorganized cords that get tangled all the time. Using cardboard tubes cut in half as a cord keeper really saves the hassle of messy drawer wires.

Desk/Pen Organizer Who couldn’t use a pen, scissor and pencil organizers?! I used the cardboard tubes to craft a pen holder for my desk and covered each tube with scrapbooking paper.

Hair Bow Organizer This idea is the cutest one of all! My daughter has a lot of hair bows and scrunchies so I thought how about a hair accessory holder? I used five cardboard tubes, faux glitter leather, beads, and bakers twine to create this.

DIY Napkin Rings Napkin rings are a super-easy way to dress up a table at a special event or holiday. Usually, I cannot easily find what I am looking for, and if I do they are quite expensive.

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