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Craft Room Organization Tips (+ FREE Craft Room Printables!)

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Looking for craft room organization tips? Learn how this craft room went from cluttered and disorganized to neat & tidy with my craft room organization and storage ideas.

Craft room organization is essential, yet sometimes hard to accomplish. After all, being a crafty Creative doesn’t usually go hand in hand with being neat and tidy! Nevertheless, I have had some craft space ever since I started working as a crafter back in 2012 and have gathered a few craft room organization hacks along the way.

From a dining room table to a cramped office nook, I have managed to make my ideas come to life in a small or disorganized space. But, when I finally got into a larger room in our new home (my craft loft), I discovered that I still felt cramped and dysfunctional in my work area.

My epiphany? If you don’t have a well-organized, thought-out craft space, your creativity may feel chaotic, and your productivity may suffer.

My post about craft room organization will provide tips on how to organize and store your favorite craft supplies, as well as provide free craft room printables.

How To Start Organizing Your Craft Room

One of the biggest things I did in this challenge was eliminate the unnecessary clutter. I know as creative people, it’s hard to declutter your supplies, but it helps make room for fresh ideas! If the item I am looking at doesn’t have a clear purpose, brings me inspiration, or doesn’t entirely work, then out it goes!

The second thing I did to organize my craft room was to pick out some amazing craft storage units (this is key). My craft storage solutions page details storage furniture items with links on where to buy storage units for large or small craft room organization.

That’s why I decided to excavate my craft room completely, and you can too with my 3-Day Craft Room Organization Challenge, which I will tell you more about at the end! Please keep reading for more pictures of my craft space and find out my favorite ideas to organize my craft room!

How to Get My FREE Craft Organization Binder

Log into my Craft Vault to get my FREE Craft Room organization printables – just search ‘Craft Room’! If you are not yet a member of my free community, then pop in your email and name below, and I will send you details directly!

Tour My Craft Room Organization Ideas!

Why You Need to Organize Your Craft Room

I know some of us (ahem, me) will procrastinate when faced with the challenge to completely revolutionize their craft space. So before I show you my before and after pictures, I want to tell you what I discovered when I took the time to do this.

1. You will find inspiration

When I say find inspiration, I mean this both metaphorically and literally. There were so many buried supplies that I discovered in this clean-out process. After buying supplies and tossing them in the closet, I had forgotten all the inspiring projects I had planned to make.

In addition to that, I also found myself brainstorming new projects with old or leftover supplies, which I had abandoned to the glitter-covered, twine-knotted stuff bottom drawers of my space.

2. You will SAVE money

Arranging your craft stockpile will SAVE YOU MONEY! Who else here plans a project and writes out what they need to buy at the craft store only to discover that you already had some of the supplies later on? Or maybe you know you have a supply on hand but you can’t manage to find it, so you just go buy more and thus increase your cluttered space.

And repeat…till we look like an episode of Hoarders…

I know I’m not alone here, ya’ll! So trust me, the time you need to take to clear this space will pay you back in craft supplies!

3. You will work more efficiently

Whether you are just a hobbyist or a craft business owner like myself, your efficiency will increase immensely when your craft room is organized. You will produce better projects and feel more productive when you aren’t wasting time digging around for supplies or dealing with noisy clutter.

Organizing My Craft Room: The Before Pictures

So what was my craft room like before my craft room organization challenge? Kind of a cross between the Upside Down (from Stranger Things) meets the chaos of a Black Friday sale at Michael’s craft store! As much as I don’t want to share the before pictures, here are a few for us to cry over together. 😉

To be fair, I did have a bunch of boxes for my new organizational storage in a way that normally wasn’t present. Nevertheless, if you wonder how to organize a craft room, these “before” pictures are examples of how NOT to do it.

This “before” photo shows a small shelving unit crammed with supplies. When your craft supplies are crammed on shelves and unorganized drawers, your productivity suffers.
A “before” photo of a craft room shelving unit crammed with random stacks of craft paper and old projects. You can learn to organize your craft room.
A full room picture of my craft area shows no craft storage, just craft supply chaos. Craft room organization and craft storage are vital to a creative space.

Why yes, those are old blinds hanging from the 1980s… yuck!

Organizing My Craft Room: After (First Evolution 2018)

Alright, that was painful. Now let me show you what it looks like after my 3 days of working at my craft room organization!

An “after” photo of one corner of my creative space done in 2018. I included a paper storage and wrapping cart, a clean filming area, and I even changed the window blinds.

Yes, I hear the angels singing too in this image. I decided I needed to create a clean clutter-free workspace (my desk), a photography space, ample craft storage space (which I obviously lacked before), AND a filming space for my face-to-face videos. Plus, I added a colored accent wall in a shade of turquoise, which is one of my favorite colors and it really made the room pop!

Update: my turquoise wall got replaced by a fun polka-dot wall!

A pegboard wall allows for customized craft room organization. You can use shelves or bins to hold smaller supplies like paint and brushes on a wall organizer.

Mission accomplished! Now when I am crafting, I stand at my desk, where I have easy access to my Cricut as well as a pegboard with my commonly used tools and embellishments.

Organizing My Craft Room: After (Second Evolution 2021)

Like I said, my craft space is ALWAYS changing. I continually update my craft room organization as my needs and interests change. Take a look below to see how many of my organization solutions can help your craft room go from supply chaos to controlled creative space!

I like to keep one area of my space dedicated to sewing. So I made a desk using a flat board for the top and cube storage shelves as support. I also utilized vertical space to keep my small sewing supplies organized.

You’ll see that my craft room organization includes one wall of storage units. The organizational pieces of furniture include a shelving unit and multiple rolling carts with drawers, shelves, and tabletops. The bookcase includes magazine holders, which I use to sort my vinyl for easy access.

I can’t recommend pegboards enough. No matter how big or small, any craft space can be more organized and efficient by utilizing vertical space. All your tools, beads, and small embellishments can be organized and hung on a pegboard.

Like pegboards, wall organizers like shelves and small bins are essential for decluttering your craft room space. An organized, clean workspace makes your project time more efficient and saves you money. You will know exactly what you already have and what you need, and you will be able to find supplies without losing your flow. More importantly, decluttering and organizing will inspire creativity and keep crafting joyful. So enjoy your new neat and tidy craft room!

Join My 3-Day Craft Room Organization Challenge!

I’d love for you to take my 3-day craft room challenge! I will help you sort through your stash contained in all those spilling-over shelves and hard-to-open overflowing drawers. Believe me, I know what it’s like to be disorganized!

I will walk you through the process of my craft room organization, how to determine what to keep and what to get rid of, as well as give you my set of free craft room stock printables to help you keep track of all your supplies. Oh, and a bonus project planner is included and access to my Freebies Vault as well! Pop your details in the form below.

Craft Room Organization Challenge!

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    The purpose of this challenge is not only about decluttering your craft room, but also to know what you have on hand at all times so you can save money and create all those ideas you have without getting bogged down by the mess around you!

    I designed a full craft room stock printable binder, so you always know what you have on hand. It helps you take stock of the most common craft room items such as ribbons, fabric, paper, art supplies, embellishments, vinyl, yarn, and more! As an added bonus I also include a project planner and some craft room labels!

    My Craft Room Organization Binder is included in my 3 Day Craft Room Organization Challenge. It has helpful printouts like label templates and craft supply stock sheets.

    I hope this will help you gather inspiration for your craft room organization! If you want to learn more about what I create in my space check out my favorite paper flower projects here! Tell me below in the comments what your favorite part of this craft room organization is?

    Get printables to help organize your craft room, like this Craft Project Planner, in my Craft Room Organization Binder.
    You’re going to need labels for all your new craft storage! Get your Free Craft Room Storage Labels template!

    Hey, Crafty bestie! I’m Abbi!

    Abbi Kirsten Collections. Abbi smiles in her craft room, surrounded by paper flowers and supplies organized on the wall.

    I’m thrilled you are here! I have spent the last 10+ years making messes and magic in my home studio to make the world a more colorful place, one craft at a time! I’m on a mission to nurture the creative magic inside your soul and bring that bursting imagination inside you to life with easy-to-learn tutorials. If you haven’t yet, be sure to join the subscriber community to gain access to all my freebies or visit my signature design shop, Catching Colorflies!

    Save money and time by keeping track of your craft supply stock. Use these free printables to help organize your craft room.

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    1. I can really make you feel good if I showed you my craft space. My hubby and I share a space and we have been adding to it and not organized much of it. But, he is retiring and we are moving so I have to pack up everything. So, thank you for your ideas . I will show you results when I get my new space.

      1. You’re very welcome Suzan! Can’t wait to see it!

    2. I saw that you have the cutest sign hanging in your room that says “Craft Room”…did you make that or buy it? It’s super cute!

    3. Hi! I was wondering what size of clear containers you use for storing your vinyl? On the link you have, there are a few different sizes! Thank you!

      1. It’s the 10 x 5 x 8-inch ones. 🙂

    4. Abbi one look at your Cricut cart from Origami and I knew I had to have 1 (or 2) however it seems as if they don’t sell this model anymore!!!! Please tell me it ain’t so?

    5. Angela P Chapman says:

      Hi, would you please post link for the rolling green metal craft cart?

      Enjoyed your video.

      Thank You! Angela

    6. Diana Schiefer says:

      Beautiful craft room! Thanks for sharing!!

    7. You are certainly inspiring! I bought the all access pass to the recent craft fest and have watched all the tutorials. I bought supplies to add to my craft hoard (ha ha) I have been working to organize said hoard – but will get back to that so I can move on to creating all of these the fabulous projects. Thanks for all you do!

      1. Thank you! I’d love to see your version!

    8. Thank you for sharing. We are getting ready to expand, and we needed some ideas. I definitely love the pegboards. I was wondering where you got the pieces holding your vinyl on the pegboard?

      1. Those are from Ikea too. 🙂

    9. Thank you for your generosity! You are definitely inspiring. Love love love your craft room. I have gained some great ideas. Will be getting to work on my space straight away. Thank you again for all your hard work. love ‘n hugs xx

    10. Melanie Williams says:

      Love this! Where do you keep florals and greenery? That’s where most my mess is….

      1. For floral storage I use large plastic containers such as the 12×12 scrapbook paper containers. For bigger flowers large boxes with bubble wrap between layers. 🙂