How To Center Your Text And Add Fills For Engraving

I am covering the juicy details and the biggest question, how do you properly align and center your text or images when engraving on smaller objects.

I am also sharing this super cool hatch fill technique so you can step your engraving up like no one else.

Download these free hatch fill patterns and engraving templates by signing up for the freebie vault. Find it by searching ‘engrave’ or Design #130.

FREE Hatch Fill Patterns

The trick to better alignment involves measuring your blank or plugging in the dimensions on the blank’s packaging and creating a template using the basic shapes tool in Design Space.


Don't use Snapmat! If you are trying to engrave on a skinny metal bracelet or a dog tag it’s like shooting blanks in the dark trying to hit that sweet center spot.

To make your template, measure your item from the innermost “shape:”

Draw a geometric shape similar to the engraving blank you are working with and plug in dimensions.

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