DIY Paper Hot Air Balloon Kid’s Craft

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Welcome back to another Crafty Tuesday! 
This week I’ll be sharing with you a fun ht air balloon kid’s that’s easy to make. 
This project is not only great for your kiddos, but perfect for easy DIY shower or party decor. 
I’ve always thought decorating a baby nursery with a hot air balloon theme would be cute. I think when my hubby and I get around to number 3 I just might do that. 
Alrighty then let’s get to the supplies:
Pick out some fun colors and cut out your balloons. I use 6 but you can use up to 8 if you want more colors in your balloon. Fold all of them in half down the middle. 
Add glue to one side of the fold and stack the next balloon cut out on top. Continue doing this with all the pieces. 
You can watch the full-length tutorial below. 


My kiddies seemed to enjoy the fun paper craft with Mommy. 
How would you use these to decorate? Share below!


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  1. We always used to see hot air balloons fly over when I was younger. I haven't seen a real one in YEARS. These are so cute and bring back fond memories!

  2. That's must have been enjoyable, they are so pretty. I've never seen them in person, but it's on my bucket list!
    I'm glad you liked the post. 🙂

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