'Tis The Season For Gift Boxes With Faux Glitter Leather! 

These decorative Christmas gift boxes are perfect to use on your Christmas tree, on a wreath, or your mandala, and they can be used year after year!

There are no templates needed to create these gift boxes and bows which makes this project friendly for those who do not own a cutting machine.


– Pair of scissors – Faux leather or glitter canvas sheets  – Styrofoam boxes in various sizes – Straight edge – Heat transfer vinyl

Start by measuring your box on top of the glitter canvas/leather. Trace with a pencil.


Use your straight edge, rotary blade, and cutting mat to trim the canvas down to the side. Repeat this for each of the 6 sides of your box.

To finish the box add 1 inch by 6-inch strips on each side to represent the ribbon.

Tap the link below FOR the full instructionS.