How To Make Floating Photo Ornaments With Cricut: Free Floating Ornament Templates

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The image shows a clear Christmas ornament hanging on a tree pine tree with a photo inside that looks like it is floating.

Making personalized Christmas gifts is my favorite thing to do during the holidays! Today I am showing you how to make easy photo ornaments with your Cricut machine. The best part about this craft is that it is fast, so you can make a lot quickly, and it also allows you to capture memories from photos and display them on your tree. These DIY photo Christmas ornaments are a showstopper as a last-minute handmade Christmas gift!

Early this season, I made floating ornaments with holographic and textured vinyl, which you may also enjoy!

The key to this photo ornament craft is to use clear acetate and vinyl sticker paper for the photos. The acetate is then rolled up with the photos applied on sticker paper and placed into the open top of the fillable plastic ornament. The result is a double-sided ornament that looks like the photo is floating inside!

The image shows a floating photo Christmas ornament on a tree. Get the tutorial for making floating photo ornaments here.

I am providing my community with free-floating ornaments base templates which will be cut out in acetate.

Download the Free Photo Ornament Templates

To get access to the free-floating ornament templates (the piece we cut from acetate), find them in the Abbi Kirsten Craft Vault with the keyword “floating ornaments” at the top search bar.

If you are new here (welcome!), just plug in your name and email below, and I’ll send you an email to set up a password so you can start browsing the craft vault. Once inside, type “floating ornament” at the top search bar to find these free templates for Cricut.

Floating Ornament Template Sizes

Let’s briefly discuss some notes on sizing for the floating photo ornaments.

Clear fillable plastic ornaments for crafts come in various sizes, and measurements are usually in millimeters. Below I have listed the most popular sizes in millimeters to inches, and I also provide a printable with these measurements when you download the free-floating ornament template.

The image shows a floating ornament templates and size guide for Cricut. Text says the templates are free.
DIY Floating Ornament Templates and Size Guide

Now the measurements below are an exact conversion; it can be helpful to very minorly scale them down by maybe .05 of an inch just to give a little wiggle room. However, I have cut these exact sizes and had them fit well as is. Plus, I have an extra hack at the end in case things need sizing down a bit after you have already cut the design.

  1. 60 mm (popular) = 2.36 inches
  2. 67 mm = 2.63 inches
  3. 70 mm = 2.75 inches
  4. 76 mm = 3.0 inches
  5. 80 mm (most popular) = 3.14 inches
  6. 95 mm = 3.75 inches
  7. 100 mm = 3.93 inches
The image shows a clear ornament with a floating personalized photo of a puppy hanging on Christmas tree.

If you don’t see the measurement listed above, just use an online converter to calculate the size in inches for your floating ornaments.

Next, let’s talk about the supplies you will need to have on hand to make those photo Christmas ornaments for your tree or to give as an easy handmade gift!

Supplies List

How To Make Photo Christmas Ornaments Video Tutorial

Watch the step-by-step video tutorial below, where I will also cover how to insert your photo as a pattern-fill in Cricut Design Space and clip it into the ornament shape. Then I’ll show you how I print them on vinyl sticker paper, apply the photos to the acetate, and insert the photo into the fillable ornament. Click play on the video below to watch the full tutorial!

Checking your ornament insert size

Before you apply the sticker photo to the acetate ornament cutout, it’s critical to check that the acetate cutout fits correctly in your ornament.

Once we add in the acetate with the sticker photo applied, it will not be easy or recommended to pull it back out. Be sure to roll the acetate up and place it inside the ornament. If it fits correctly without scrunching up, then you are good.

However, if it needs a little help, carefully pull the design back out of the ornament and use a pair of detail scissors to go around the circumference of the acetate base, trimming it down slightly so that when you slide it back in, it will no longer scrunch up.

The image shows an ornament photo cut out being trimmed down to size.

Once you have confirmed the proper fit, then you can apply the vinyl sticker paper to the acetate. If your alignment is off a little, then I recommend trimming any overhang of your sticker paper before rolling and inserting the double-sided photo into the ornament.

The image shows an ornament photo cut out being inserted into a clear plastic ornament.

Use your weeding tool to shift the photo acetate piece around until it is centered and straight. That’s it! Your DIY floating photo ornaments are all finished! This craft is super quick to make as a last-minute DIY Christmas gift.

What do you think of this craft? Would you make these? Tell me below in the comments, and don’t forget to download the free floating ornament base templates above!

The image shows a floating Christmas ornament hanging on a tree with a family photo inside.

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