Paper Sunflower Tutorial: How to Make Classic Paper Sunflowers

This paper sunflower tutorial will make you feel bright and cheery in no time! And because I love color so much, I decided to mix in non-traditional colors for an extra unique pop!

Cut the following number of petals/fringe pieces out: – Larger sunflower petals – 2 – Smaller sunflower petals – 2 – Fringe center pieces- 16-20

Cut Out Your Petals

Step 1. To create the center of the sunflower we will slightly fold the fringe down by bending it with your fingers.

Step 2. When making the sunflower center it can be helpful to glue and overlap 2-3 strips at a time and then roll them together.

Step 3. Moving onto the the sunflower petals. We will curl each petal using a thin wood dowel. I’m curling all the petals of the larger sunflower cuts backwards.

Step 4: Begin Layering The Sunflower Petals. Starting with your 2 largest petal layers, glue them together – one on top of the other.