Clever Ways to Repurpose Cardboard Tubes

Between Cricut vinyl, wrapping paper, paper towels, and toilet paper, cardboard tubes can pile up.

Let’s look at some ways to repurpose cardboard tubes leftover from empty craft vinyl rolls!

Cord Keeper

This upcycled cardboard tube craft really saves the hassle of a messy drawer of tangled wires. I used bright and colorful washi tape to decorate them!

DIY Craft Vinyl Holder

This is one of my favorite cardboard tube ideas. You can make a vinyl roll holder from your empty cardboard vinyl rolls.

DIY Napkin Rings

I realized that cardboard tubes are just perfect for DIY napkin rings. You can make them go with any look, and they’re so simple.

Hair Bow Organizer

Cardboard tubes are the perfect size to hold scrunches and hair ties, keeping them organized and in place.

Desk/Pen Organizer

This upcycled cardboard tube idea makes a cute gift. I made a craft a pen holder for my desk by covering each tube with scrapbooking paper.

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