Making Crepe Paper Flowers – The Secrets to Creating Stunning Blooms

I started with making flowers from traditional cardstock. Over time I came to learn and love crepe paper flowers as well.

Today I will teach you all the essential supplies you will need to create these DIY paper blooms that are both realistic and last indefinitely.

With crepe paper, you always want to cut the petals so that the grain is running vertically along the length of the petal.

How To Cut Petals For Crepe Paper Flowers

Cutting Petals with Scissors  To make the process faster when cutting by hand you can fold the paper and cut 2 petals at once.

Cutting Petals with a Cricut Machine Now if you own a cutting machine like a Cricut Maker then you can use the Rotary blade to cut crepe paper which makes the process much faster. 

How To Curl And Stretch Your Crepe Petals  1. Hold the petal between thumbs and index fingers, gently press your thumbs away from each other cupping the petal. 2. The second option is to use a scraper tool to curl the edges.

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