Crepe Paper Sunflower Craft

You’ll need a little patience for this project, but our easy-to-follow step-by-step guide will make the process really smooth.

You can use the sunflower SVG templates with your Cricut or the PDF printable sunflower template with scissors.

– Cutting machine – Pink or blue mat (if using cutting machine) – Scissors – Detail scissors – Brown, yellow, green, and black crepe paper



Cut down your roll of crepe paper so it can fit into the Cricut mat. You’ll use yellow crepe paper for the petals; the green crepe paper will be used for the base and leaves of the sunflower.

If you’re cutting by hand, use our printable sunflower petal template to cut the sunflower’s petals. You can print on regular copy paper or cardstock for extra stiffness.

Take your detail scissors and begin cutting fringe slits all the way down the strips. Cut just over ½ of the way into the paper.

Next, take an end of the brown strip and wrap it around the stem’s top. The fringe should be facing outward. Add a little bit of glue as you continue to wrap it!

Tap the link below to read the full instructions.