Cricut Joy Materials and Accessories That You'll Need

What Cricut Joy accessories and tools do I need to purchase to use with my machine? I get that question a lot from many Cricut beginners.

Let’s start with the accessories made to work with the Cricut Joy machine, and then we will discuss materials your Joy can cut!

One of the best parlor tricks of the Cricut Joy is cutting matless with Smart Materials. One of those materials is Smart Iron-on vinyl.

Smart Iron-On

A Cricut scraper is also useful for removing debris from your Joy mats. Weeding tools last forever, so this is one accessory you can  reuse endlessly!

Weeding Tools And Cricut Scraper

If you want to add shimmer and shine to papercraft projects such as cards, then the foil tool accessory is a great tool to have.

Cricut Joy Foil Tool

Whipping up handmade cards is super fast with the Cricut Joy machine. One of the reasons it’s so effortless is the special card insert mat.

Cricut Joy Card Mat Inserts

The Cricut presses are made specifically for Cricut materials and often work much better than traditional iron.

Cricut Easypress

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