Cricut Mug Press Tutorial – How to Layer Infusible Ink on with Your Mug Press

I absolutely love the Cricut Mug Press because it’s so compact, but I also love how simple it is to produce a beautiful gift.

When making DIY mugs, Infusible Ink is what you’re going to need to cut out on your Cricut machine, your Maker, your Explore, or your Joy machine. 

– Cricut Mug Press – Cricut machine – Ceramic mug – Heat safe tape – Infusible Ink – Lint roller – Heat safe surface


To layer Infusible Ink, we need to perform the Slice Method. The Slice Method is slicing out two designs from each other.

Place your infusible ink on the green Cricut Joy mat and load your machine pressing the mat against the rollers. Press Go when Design Space prompts you.

Next, we need to weed the infusible ink. The best thing to do is just sort of roll a transfer sheet a little bit – this is technically known as cracking.

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