Cricut Mug Press Tutorial – How to Layer Infusible Ink on with Your Mug Press

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Learn how to use the Cricut mug press. How you can add more than one color of infusible ink to your mug so that you can add different colors and layers to your design!

Today we are talking all about the new Cricut Mug Press. I absolutely love the Cricut Mug Press because it’s so compact, but I also love how simple it is to produce a beautiful gift in really just a few moments. I have been busy making mugs, and I have been busy testing different ways to use the mug press with Infusible Ink. 

When making DIY mugs, Infusible Ink is what you’re going to need to cut out on your Cricut machine, your Maker, your Explore, or your Joy machine. I am featuring the Joy machine in this mug tutorial. 

I’m also going to show you how you can add more than one color of infusible ink to your mug so that you can add different colors and layers to your design! If you want to see how I had layers of infusible ink to a t-shirt check out this tutorial.

How to use the Cricut mug press.

DIY Cricut Mug Press Supply List

The supplies you’re going to need for this are, of course, the 

Cricut joy machine to make mugs.

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How to Layer Infusible Ink with the Cricut Mug Press

Below is my full step-by-step video tutorial for the Cricut mug press. Keep reading for free SVG files and written instructions as well!

Slice method for Infusible Ink in Cricut Design Space

To layer any Infusible Ink, we need to perform the Slice Method. 

The Slice Method is slicing out two designs from each other so there is no overlap between the two colors because infusible ink can’t be layered directly without the colors becoming blended. 

First, start by selecting the design and click that duplicate button at the top right. Now, I’m going to select the flower and the greenery. It is essential when you’re using the slice tool, you’re items are ungrouped, and only two layers are selected. 

Then click the slice tool at the bottom of the layers panel with those two selected.

Once the slice is complete, you can pull the layers apart. When you look at the design, you’ll also notice that anywhere the flowers and the greenery were overlapping has been sliced, and you can see cut lines. 

Here’s the reason I had us duplicate the wreath. You still need to pull over the original flowers to add to the sliced greenery. For the extra messy flowers pieces remaining, you can delete those. 

Cut your mug SVG design

Cutting infusible ink on the Cricut Joy machine.

I’m using my Cricut Joy machine for this DIY mug project. In Design Space, I have my Joy machine selected and Material Settings set to Infusible Ink transfer sheets. I’ve cut down my larger infusible ink sheets to size, or you can use Cricut Joy infusible ink rolls that they sell in the pre-made Joy size, but either will work.

Place your infusible ink on the green Cricut Joy mat and load your machine pressing the mat against the rollers. Press Go when Design Space prompts you.

Weed your Infusible Ink

Next, we need to weed the infusible ink. The best thing to do is just sort of roll a transfer sheet a little bit – this is technically known as cracking, and this helps the infusible ink material release any areas that you’re trying to weed so that the design doesn’t come up. 

If you have any pieces that need to be weeded inside the design, you would typically use a weeding tool. However, in most cases, I find with infusible ink, gently rolling the design and using your fingers to pick up the pieces works better. 

Layer your design

How to layer infusible ink colors together.

Because the Cricut mug press should only press each design one time you will need to move the different infusible ink layers onto one transfer sheet. With my simple SVG file, I picked up each pink flower and placing them onto the liner with the wreath where the space is that we sliced out in Design Space. Now all my colors and layers are on one liner.

Prep the mug

To prep your mug to receive the transfer, you’ll want to use a little rubbing alcohol or alcohol wipe. At the very least, wash your mug and dry with a paper towel. And then, before you do anything else, you’ll also want to roll a lint roller on it, just to make sure that there are no tiny bits of lint or anything from the paper towel or your dish towel. If you don’t have a lint roller, you can grab just a piece of masking tape, wrap it around your hand and then sort of grab at it, and it’ll do the same effect.

Apply the design 

There isn’t a real trick to the alignment. Make sure you’re looking straight down at it to make sure you’re getting a good view and be sure to push the infusible ink liner down and rub out any bubbles. You can always lift the liner if you need to reposition it to get a bubble out.

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Load your Cricut Mug Press

Power on your Cricut mug press and give it some time to heat up. It’s best to have the mug press sitting on an Easypress mat or towel. 

I will add a couple of pieces of this heat-safe tape right along the bottom and top of my mug where the liner of my design sits. The heat-safe tape helps the design not to lift as I put it into my mug press. It’s not a big deal if you put a little bit of the tape over the design, although it is good practice to try and avoid that if you can. 

Insert your mug into the press carefully, sort of at an angle, and slide it right down in. Make sure your design is inside and it’s not coming towards the end of the heated area. Then press this down the lever to start the transfer. It will take about 6-7 minutes to transfer the design, and the mug press will beep when finished. 

Reveal your project!

Monogrammed mug with Cricut Joy.

Once the mug press beeps that it is finished, pull up the lever. Carefully remove the mug, only to touch the handle and nothing else. Set your mug on a heat-safe surface. Let the mug cool for 10-15 minutes. 

Once cooled, remove your line and tape to reveal your finished mug! Because the ink is actually in the mug and not on top like heat transfer vinyl, these mugs are dishwasher safe too!

DIY mugs with Cricut Joy machine.

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Learn how to use the Cricut mug press. How you can add more than one color of infusible ink to your mug so that you can add different colors and layers to your design!

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