Cut Crepe Paper With The Cricut Maker

I love to design paper flowers and knowing I could now make crepe paper flowers with the help of a cutting machine just sweetened the deal.

After figuring out the best tricks and techniques, I can confidently use my Maker to cut any crepe paper.

Today I am going to give you the rundown of how to use crepe paper with Cricut Maker.

Tips For Cutting Crepe Paper With A Cricut Machine

Use The Rotary Blade Or Wavy Edge Tool

The Rotary blade comes with the Maker machine and it is the go-to tool to make cutting crepe paper possible because of its rolling “pizza cutter” style blade.

It might seem natural to reach for the Standard Green Mat to place your crepe paper on, but after testing, I discovered the Fabric Mat to work best!

Use The Fabric Mat

Burnish is a fancy term for rub. Using your Cricut scraper tool, gently burnish your crepe paper, rubbing in the same direction as the grain of the paper.

Burnish Your Crepe Paper

Try to invest only in quality crepe paper. If you are cutting thicker crepe paper, like the 180-gram I mentioned, you will need to turn up the pressure.

Use High-Quality Crepe Paper

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