DIY Iris Unicorn Rainbow Flowers- Large Rainbow Paper Flowers

The magic & fun of unicorns is taking over my crafting heart in this spectacular  Large Rainbow Paper Flowers!


– Glue Gun – 65-pound cardstock – Scissors and/or cutting machine  – Thin wooden dowel for rolling – Fringe scissors (optional)

You will have 8 Petals in each layer. Each of the 8 petals will be a different color.

Cut the following number of petals: Extra Large: 8 Petals Large: 8 Petals Small: 8 Petals Extra Small: 8 Petals

Cut out all of your petals. Then cut 2-inch slits at the bottom of each petal and overlap slightly with glue.

Use a marker, pencil or dowel to curl back the top edges of the flower petal.

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