How to Make Your Own Soundwave Art Step by Step

Lately, I have seen sound wave art trending even more. So I decided it was time to teach myself, and you, how to create this precious idea as a DIY.

What is Soundwave Art? Sound wave art is a sign or picture of a soundwave image taken from an audio or video. So quite literally the sound is being translated into an image that you can see.

Often used with wedding vows, songs, the voice of a loved one who passed away, or something special said by your kids, soundwave is a great way to cherish a memory.


– Cricut machine – A video recording  – Vinyl of choice  – Transfer tape if you choose adhesive vinyl – Wood sign or canvas – Paper Flowers  – Glue Gun

Converting Video To Sound Wave Art

If you filmed the video on your phone, start by emailing yourself the video you recorded so you can access it on your computer. 

Scroll down and click Upload. Once the file has converted it will ask you to select color etc. I change these settings to Black and select the large waveform size at 3600 x 1200 pixels.