10 Minute DIY Velvet Pumpkins Tutorial

I personally feel that Fall can be one of the most “crafty” seasons of the whole year.

So if you are looking for a project to get crafty AND decorate your home this week, I have the perfect one for you – 10 minute DIY Velvet Pumpkins!


– Papier Mache pumpkins  – Stretch velvet fabric  – Scissors – Exacto knife – Mod podge – Extra fine glitter – Paper plate  – Glue gun

These are the easiest fabric pumpkins ever and they look like you picked them up at a Pottery Barn (but for half the cost!).

Step 1. To start making your DIY velvet pumpkins you will need to prep the pumpkin for adding the fabric. Begin cutting the stem away from the pumpkin.

Step 2. Next, you will cut out a large square of the velvet stretch fabric to cover the pumpkin. Before cutting, check to make sure you are being generous enough to cover the pumpkin.

Step 3. Place the pumpkin back into the center. Starting with one corner of the fabric and begin stuffing the velvet into the paper mache pumpkin.

Continue this until all the fabric has been stuffed into the center. Your fabric should be tight enough that you are seeing the contour of your pumpkin coming through.