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Woodland Animal Pumpkin Craft Tutorial – Creative Pumpkin Decorating Ideas

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Amid colorful flowers in skinny metal vases sit three woodland pumpkin animals in gray, orange, and beige.  There is a raccoon, a fox, and a deer. These woodland animal pumpkins are fun and simple to make.

Fall is on its way, so pumpkins are everywhere, from our doorsteps to a splash of flavor in our coffee. I love the cool air fall brings along with the warmth of colors. Every year, I add one new creative pumpkin decorating idea to the blog. This year, I am delighted to share my Woodland Animal Pumpkins Tutorial in collaboration with Michaels Craft Stores.
I crafted these three adorable animals, a fox, raccoon, and deer from felt, iron-on vinyl, and faux pumpkins with the help of my Cricut Maker machine!

The orange fox is made from two pumpkins and wears a crown of three colorful flowers in dark pink, orange-yellow and deep blue. How to Make Woodland Animal Pumpkins for Easy and Fun Fall Decorating. Use felt and iron-on vinyl with your Cricut to craft a fox, deer and raccoon pumpkin decoration for your home!

DIY Woodland Animal Pumpkins

If you haven’t picked up a Cricut for yourself yet, let this be the year you do! Trust me, it can do so much – it’s not just a vinyl cutting machine – you can cut things like felt in today’s tutorial as well as paper, fabric, chipboard and so much more! Michaels Craft Store is my favorite place to shop for supplies and their stores are full of vibrant fall decorations, like these pumpkins and gorgeous silk florals!

Three pictures highlight each craft: a gray raccoon, a beige deer, and an orange fox. The text reads "How To: Woodland Animal Pumpkins."

If you don’t have a Michaels near you or do not wish to go out then just use the links below to ship the supplies right to you! Michaels also offers convenient curbside pickup!

A deer made from two pumpkins sits in the foreground on a white floor. A gray raccoon and an orange fox sit in the back and to the side of the deer. Flowerpots sit int he background.

This felt-decorated pumpkin craft is beginner-friendly, and you can even have the kids help you assemble the pieces! As a special treat, I provide the three woodland animal templates as a freebie or follow the tutorial with your own design!

Let’s review the supplies for this fun fall craft!


An overhead view of the supplies needed for this simple woodland animal pumpkin craft. In view are a Cricut machine, rolls of vinyl, faux pumpkins, felt and a glue gun.


Download these free deer, fox, and raccoon animal templates by entering your email below via the form below! Once logged in, search the keyword “Fall” or design #97 to find these templates. If you are already a subscriber, then log in and find them with the keyword “Fall.”

In front of a Cricut machine, sitting on a white and gray marble floor, is a gray raccoon made from felt, vinyl and two faux pumpkins. Next to the craft are bright yellow sunflowers.

Below is an image overview of this adorable pumpkin creation process. To learn how to assemble step by step, click play on the video below!


A step-by-step picture tutorial on how to construct the faux pumpkin woodland animals. The top picture shows the finished raccoon, fox, and deer with the text "DIY Woodland Animal Pumpkins." The remaining photos are overhead views on printing the templates, cutting out the designs, preparing the fake pumpkins, transferring the designs onto the pumpkin, and the finished look.

DIY Woodland Animal Pumpkins with Felt & Iron-On Tutorial

For more explanation, please watch the How-To Woodland Animal Pumpkin video below on my Youtube channel in collaboration with Michaels Stores!

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Text on a blue and green rectangle says "Woodland Animal Pumpkins Abbikirstencollections.com". These no carve pumpkins have been turned into a felt and vinyl gray raccoon, orange fox, and light brown deer.

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