DIY Glitter Christmas Ornaments: The Easy Way to Make Your Own Custom Ornaments

Creating DIY glitter Christmas ornaments is nothing new, but I decided to try it myself this year and share my own process.

I did this ornament craft with my kids. They helped me swirl the glitter around inside the plastic ornaments.


– Clear plastic ornaments  – Fine glitter  – Clear polyurethane  – Funnel – Syringe – Mini plastic cups – Vinyl – Transfer tape – Scraper – Cutting machine – Ribbon

Fill a 30 ml syringe with polyacrylic or polyurethane. Push the syringe into the top of your ornament.

Swirl the polyurethane around till fully coasted and tip the plastic ornament upside down on a cup to drain the excess.

After about 2 minutes of draining, pour glitter into the ornament with a small funnel.

Swirl the glitter around until the insides of the ornament is fully covered with glitter. For the inside, take a paper towel and cover the top and shake to coat the top thoroughly.

Tap the link below FOR the full instructionS.