Easy Paper Flower Backdrop Assembly

When it comes to a Paper Flower Backdrop, making the flowers is only half the battle the other is designing the layout. I’m going to show you the easiest and more cost effective way to make a 4 ft by 3ft backdrop.

This idea came to me when my husband Michael and I decided to have a photo shoot to celebrate our 5th wedding anniversary. 


- Cardboard Project Board  - Pink Spray Paint - Fabric Strips  - Paper Flowers  - Silk Flowers - Glue Gun

Step 1 Start by spraying your project board with your spray paint. I’m using a light pink for mine.

Step 2

While your project board is drying work on cutting your strips of fabric. Cut them all the same length, leaving enough extra length for the glue and drape over the backside.

Step 3

Start gluing on your fabric strips. Keep adding fabric, as little or much as you want until you are happy with it.

Tap the link below to see  the full instructionS.