Easy Paper Leaves and Vines to Add to Your Paper Flowers

When you are looking at you flowers thinking, hmmm, something is missing, it is probably the leaf!

Here is a quick round up like of my paper vine designs. Some of these are available individually while other are part of a flower design.

This one captures all the tropical vibes! I loved designing this set and I think it’s definitely one of my favorites!

Bahama Leaf Set

The whimsical vine is just that, whimsical. I love this one for backdrops because it makes nice swirling effect when a lot of them are added to a backdrop of large flowers.

Whimsical Vines

I designed the round tip vine upon request. It will give you backdrop or arrangement a slightly classic farmhouse rustic appeal.

Round Tip Vine

My small fern leaf template is great to use with small designs like Ansley rose which is where you can find it!

Small Fern Leaves

This one is the design I use to teach you how to do the vine veining.