Filling In Writing and Drawings Using Hatch Fill Pattern

Today we are talking all about drawing and writing with your Cricut machine! To draw and write with your Cricut, you will need a pen, design space, and a Cricut machine.

We'll fill in a drawing with Cricut and turn pen outlines into solid colors so you do not have to be limited by bubble letters or outline-only drawings!

Hatch-fill is a pattern of lines or dots that make a solid fill result when looked at from a distance.

What Is A Hatch Fill Pattern?


– Inkscape  – Axi-draw extentions  – An image or typography image – Cricut Design Space – Free hatch fill patterns

In clamp A place your Cricut pen tip down. Push the pen in until the arrow on the side of the pen disappears.


Select your material. In most cases, this will be cardstock – I am using medium-weight Cardstock.

Your Cricut will prompt you to change your pens if you have more than one color in your design. 

Make sure to NOT unload your mat until the very end.