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Cricut Venture Ultimate Guide: Everything You Need To Know

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I love it when cutting-edge technology and crafting come together to create something new and special! Cricut’s largest cutting machine ever is here – the Cricut Venture. Today, I want to share all the details with you, as well as my experience, thoughts, and opinions about this grand cutting machine. 

The Abbi Kirsten community has asked for more information about this new Cricut machine model, so I put my Cricut Venture to the test to give you all the answers you need to decide if this is the right machine fit for you!

This post is sponsored by Cricut. All opinions are based on my personal experience and use of this machine. 

What is the Cricut Venture Machine? 

Cricut Venture machine on a white desk with a bright blue background

The Cricut Venture smart cutting machine is the largest die-cut machine available by Cricut, with cutting-edge fast technology that allows for speed, size, and accuracy all in one machine. The Venture stands out with its unique 45-degree angle for both performance machine mats and smart materials, which optimizes your crafting space. 

What does a Cricut Venture do?

The Cricut Venture is a wide-format cutting machine that can cut over 100+ materials. The Venture can write, draw, score, and perform Print Then Cut in conjunction with your home inkjet printer

If you are familiar with the Cricut Explore 3, the Venture is similar as far as its material capabilities but with some extra benefits and, of course, the size!

Here are all the functions the Cricut Venture machine can perform

Cutting: The primary function of the Cricut Venture machine is to cut various materials from any images or shapes that you will select or upload to Cricut Design Space that would be too difficult to cut by hand with scissors. Die-cutting machines like the Cricut Venture can cut anything from a simple circle cut out to a detailed, intricate, layered design.

Cricut Venture cutting machine with woman's hands holding Cricut pens in several colors.

Drawing and Writing: The Cricut Venture can also draw and write just like other models of Cricut machines. The chunky pens create beautiful, bold, thick lines when writing or drawing with the Venture machine. The Venture also works with all other full-size machine Cricut pens for plenty of pen options!

Scoring: The Cricut Venture can use the same scoring stylus as the Explore and Maker models. If you wish to make 3D paper crafts, cards, and other paper projects, this scoring function will come in handy. 

Foiling: The Cricut Venture can also foil. The same foil tool that is compatible with the Maker and Explore models fits into the Venture machine. If you want to create foil labels, gift tags, or other designs, this is a great tool to use. 

Print Then Cut: All Cricut machines, except the original Joy, can perform Print Then Cut, but with the Venture, you have the option to cut your printed image bigger than ever before!

What is Print Then Cut?

Print Then Cut is the process of printing a colored image out on an inkjet printer through Cricut Design Space and then loading it onto your Cricut machine to be cut out with precision and accuracy. 

White water bottle with a french bulldog sticker on the front that say, bless and dog obsessed.

With the Venture, plenty of Print Then Cut size selections are available with the Print The Cut page size settings in Design Space, such as legal size, 12×12, and even as big as 24 x 28 inches!

Note: You will need paper and a printer to support this large format, so please take this into account when purchasing materials or budgeting for a printer and other accessories. Of course, you can also use any standard-size home inkjet printer as well. 

If you are searching for a larger format printer, I recommend this HP plotter inkjet printer. 

What material can Cricut Venture Cut?

Cricut Venture Cuts 100+ Crafting Materials. The Venture is most similar to the Cricut Explore 3 in terms of available materials to cut. 

Here are some of the most popular materials the Venture can cut:

How Big Is the Cricut Venture Machine?

The Cricut Venture machine measures 10.4 inches high x 34.82 inches long x 8.81 inches deep and weighs a little under 35 pounds. 

Cricut Venture machine on a white desk with a blue wall background

How Much Space Do I Need?

While I love the big possibilities of this machine, it is also important to consider the space you will need to accommodate this wide format cutter, along with storage space or mats, tools, and materials. 

Let’s talk about your options for using and storing this machine.

The Docking Stand

One of the things that makes the Venture more doable for various crafters with both small and large creative spaces is the docking stand

The Cricut Venture docking stand allows your machine to be placed anywhere in your home/office space without taking up existing counter space. 

In my experience, here are the best benefits of the Cricut Venture docking stand:

  1. Compact: the docking stand expands and collapses so that when closed, it takes up less than a 4 ft wide by 2 ft deep area. 
  2. Safety: The top of the docking stand allows you to interlock the bottom of the machine in place so it cannot be pushed off the station. 
  3. Mobility: The docking stand rolls so you can easily maneuver it around your space. Additionally, the wheels lock for another layer of safety. 
  4. Material roll support: Both the front and back of the docking stand have a pouch that catches your material, which is super handy for Smart Materials
  5. Dust Free: Another reason I love the material roll support is that you don’t have to worry about material hitting the floor. In my house, we have lots of pets, so dust and pet hair are always around. The docking stand keeps my material clean and off the floor. 

What if I don’t have the docking stand?

If the docking stand is just not in your budget, then you can use the Venture on any sturdy table, but do note that when cutting, you will need to have the Venture at the edge of a table for the material to move freely in and out of the machine because of the unique 45-degree angle. 

When the Venture is not in use, make sure to push it away from the edge for safety reasons. 

Plan on at least a 4ft by 3 ft table for your Cricut Venture if you forgo the docking stand. 

How Big Can The Cricut Venture Machine Cut?

The Cricut Venture die-cutting machine on a white desk with a blue background. Abbi Kirsten's hands hold a large sheet of smart vinyl featuring butterflies that has been cut out on the Venture machine.

Cricut Venture can cut single images up to 12 feet long or repeating images (best for batching) up to 75 feet with Smart Materials! On a performance mat, the Venture cuts images that are scaled up to 23.5 inches x 27.5 inches in Design Space with the 24 x 28-inch mat. 

What Other Tools and Accessories Do I Need For The Cricut Venture?

Cricut was thoughtful in how they designed the Venture to work with existing tools. In general, tools that work with the Explore machines will also work with the Venture, with the exception of the cutting mats.

  • Docking stand: The Cricut Venture is a large and heavy machine, so Cricut created a freestanding docking stand for this machine to sit anywhere in your home without taking up all your counter space.
  • Permanent Markers 2.5 mm or other Cricut pens: These are chunky-sized markers for the Venture! You can also use any Cricut pen that works with the Explore or Maker models. 
  • Performance mats: The Venture excels at Smart Materials, but I highly recommend having at least one mat on hand for projects like Print Then Cut or if you wish to use any standard roll of vinyl. Note: You must use the Venture-specific mats.
  • Scoring stylus: The scoring stylus allows you to add score lines to cardstock for 3D paper crafts.
  • Foil tool: The foil tool creates sparkling foil effects on materials like cardstock or printable vinyl
Cricut Venture on a white desk with large marker pens in clamp A.

How is the Cricut Venture Different From The Cricut Maker or Explore models?

The Venture and Explore models, specifically the Explore 3, have a lot in common as far as the types of materials you can cut, with the most notable difference being the size and speed and a few unique accessories like the chunky markers.

This is not to say the Venture is only a larger version of the Explore 3 because the Venture uses commercial speeds and force plus allows for larger batching when it comes to cutting than any other model.

In contrast, the Maker has more options as far as types of materials you can cut (300+ materials), operations, and a different variety of tools available, such as the Quickswap Tools for engraving, debossing, and more. 

What Device Do I Need To Use the Cricut Venture? What about the software?

The Cricut Venture uses the Cricut Design Space desktop app with desktop computers or laptops. At this time, mobile devices are not supported. 

You are welcome to use the mobile app at any time for designing, but when you are ready to cut with your Venture, you will need to connect to a laptop or desktop computer.

Mac computer on white desk with Cricut Design Space open and a butterfly image.

How To Set Your Cricut Venture Machine Up

  1. Find a space you want to place the machine. If it is on a table, you need to be able to place it near the edge of a sturdy table. Alternatively, you can use the docking stand to place the machine anywhere. 
  2. Unbox your machine and remove all the packing and plastic around the blade and housing. 
  3. Plug the power cord into the back of the machine and then into an outlet. I do not recommend using a power strip for this machine, but plug directly into the wall. 
  4. Power the machine on. The power button is on the back. 
  5. Download Cricut Design Space and create an account.
  6. Go to Cricut.com/setup and follow the instructions to pair your machine.
  7. Connect your machine via Bluetooth in your computer settings. 
  8. Cricut will prompt you to perform a test cut during the setup, or you can exit and select or upload another image to start cutting!

How Do You Connect The Venture To Your Computer?

The Venture machine connects to your computer with either the included USB cable or wirelessly with Bluetooth connectivity. I prefer to connect via Bluetooth to eliminate the need for extra wires around my craft space. 

I have used Windows and Apply products successfully with my many Cricut machines. 

  1. Navigate to your computer settings and select Bluetooth. 
  2. Make sure your machine is powered on. 
  3. Wait for the Venture device to appear
  4. Click ‘connect,’ and it will sync with your computer. And you are all set!

Alternatively, you can also connect the Venture to your computer using the USB cable included.

Please note that you will need to have a laptop or desktop computer to use the Venture machine. Mobile devices are not currently supported for the Venture, although you can still design on mobile and then cut from a computer. 

How to Load Smart Materials in The Venture

  1. Once you have selected your image of choice and scaled it, click on the Make it button at the top right. 
  2. Cricut will ask if you are cutting with or without a mat. Select ‘without a mat’ for smart materials. 
  3. Click ‘Continue’ to go to the material selection screen. Design Space will connect via Bluetooth to your Venture machine and then load the material options. 
  4. Choose your Smart Material, such as Permanent Smart Vinyl or Smart Iron-on
  5. The Venture double arrow button will begin to flash, prompting you to load your material. 
  6. For 13-inch Smart Materials, set the guide to position 2; otherwise, you can leave it in position 1 for the Venture-size Smart Materials.
Sliding the pinch roller in position one for the Venture machine
  1. Raise the guides on either side of the machine. 
  2. For example, with the 25-inch Smart Vinyl, I will raise the far left and far right guide but keep the center one down. 
  3. Likewise, for the 13-inch Smart Materials, you will raise the far left guide and the guide in the middle of the Venture machine. 
  4. Lift the silver lever and place the Smart Vinyl into the top of the Venture machine, feeding it down until it covers the sensor at the far bottom left. The machine’s vacuum will automatically turn on, so don’t be alarmed if you hear a noise. 
Lifting the pinch roller lever for the Cricut Venture machine.
  1. Lower the lever to close the pinch rollers and press the flashing double arrow button. 
  2. The Cricut Venture will measure and align your material and then prompt you to proceed with the Cut by pressing the flashing Play icon on the top right of the machine. 
The Cricut Venture machine on a docking stand cutting our black smart vinyl.
  1. Once the Cut is complete, lift the lever to your left to release the material from the pinch rollers. 
  2. Congrats! You cut your first image on the Cricut Venture!

How to Load the Performance Mat in the Venture

  1. Select your image of choice and scale it. Click on the Make it button at the top right. 
  2. Cricut will ask if you are cutting with or without a mat. Select ‘on a mat.’
  3. Click ‘Continue’ to go to the material selection screen. Design Space will connect via Bluetooth to your Venture machine and then load the material options. 
  4. Click ‘browse all materials’ to see all the options available to you when using a mat to cut. For example, we could select ‘medium weight cardstock.’
  5. The Venture double arrow button will begin to flash, prompting you to load your mat. 
  1. Make sure the dark blue guides on the far left and far right are raised, with the center guide down. 
  2. The top width of your Venture should have the pinch roller set to position 2 for the mat. 
  3. Lift the silver lever and make sure your machine is positioned at the edge of your table if you are not using the docking stand. 
Open guides on the Cricut Venture
  1. Press the button under the silver lever to release two mat guides, one from the top and the other from the bottom. 
  2. If you are using the 24 x 28-inch mats, make sure to assemble the additional mat support to slide that onto the center machine guide at the top. 
Assembling the mat support for the Cricut Venture machine.

Inserting The Performace Mat

  1. Place your mat with your material into the Venture. Feed it into the machine until it rests on the small stopper guides that pop up along the bottom when the lever is up. Make sure that the mat is all the way in over the bottom left sensor so Design Space knows it’s present. 
  2. Lower the lever to clinch the pinch rollers and press the flashing double arrow button. 
  1. The Cricut Venture will measure and align your material and then prompt you to proceed with the Cut by pressing the flashing Play icon on the top right of the machine. 
  2. Once the Cut is complete, lift the lever to your left to release the mat from the bottom of the machine. 
Closing the Cricut Venture pinch rollers
  1. Congrats! You cut your first image on the Cricut Venture with the performance mats!

What other questions do you have for me about the Cricut Venture machine? Overall, this new machine provides excellent opportunities for larger projects and batching for small businesses, which makes it a great model to join the Cricut club. Post your questions below in the comments, and let’s chat!

The Cricut Venture cutting machine on a white desk with a blue wall behind it. Next to the Venture is a large vinyl cut out that says, I love my dog.

Cricut Venture FAQ

How much does the Cricut Venture cost?

The Cricut Venture is $999 for just the machine or $1250 for the machine and docking stand.

What sizes are the cutting mats?

The performance mats come in both 24 x 12 inch and 24 x 28 inch sizes. 

Can you use the other machine mats with the Venture?

No, the performance mats were specially designed just for the Venture to endure the speed and force the machine puts out.

What comes in the box with the Venture?

As per Cricut’s website, here is what comes in the box with the Cricut Venture machine.
Cricut Venture professional cutting machine
Performance Fine Point Blade
Cutoff Tool
Roll Supports
Cleaning Tools
USB-C Cable & USB-A Cable Power cable
Mat Support Extension
Black Smart Removable Vinyl
White Smart Removable Vinyl

How Fast is the Cricut Venture Machine?

The Venture was designed to work at commercial speeds, cutting and writing up to 25.4 in/sec.

What size Smart Materials can the Venture Cut?

The Venture machine is adjustable and can cut both the 13-inch and 25-inch width Smart Materials.

What software does Cricut Venture use?

The Cricut Venture works with the desktop version of Cricut Design Space.

Is Cricut Venture worth the money?

Deciding if the Cricut Venture is worth the money is a highly personal question. In my opinion, if you are someone who crafts a lot, plans to start or already owns a small business, or works at a place like a school that could use this commercial-grade machine, it would be a huge asset and worth the investment. 
Now, if the above doesn’t sound like you, then check out the other Cricut models, such as the Explore or Maker models. Likewise, the Cricut Joy Xtra is an excellent fit if you are looking for an affordable starter machine.  

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