Free Fonts You Can Use for Cricut and Silhouette 

While Cricut does have some free fonts, there are times you may want to add your own.

Adding your own fonts is super easy but the question is, where do I find the best free fonts for Cricut?

Best Free Fonts for Craft SVG Files with Cricut, Silhouette, and Inkscape

Choosing a piece of the phrase or a single word that you want the viewer’s eye drawn to – this will help you determine which font is best.

Highlight A Word With Your Font Choice

In this post, I will give you 30+ of the best free Cricut fonts perfect for cutting machine crafts as well as 30 of the best-paid fonts!

When Pairing Fonts Go Easy On The Variety

Simple is always superior to busyness. If you go too crazy with mixing more than 2 or 3 complimenting fonts, the chaos of the design will confuse the viewer.

Pair Fonts With Opposite Styles

This is true for fonts too! Mix your font counterparts for a complementary duo. Statement novelty headline fonts , pair best with thinner scripted fonts.

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