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How to Make Pop-up Flower Cards with Free Templates and Tutorial

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Flower popup card DIY

Recently, I discovered some beautiful “hallmark-like” pop-up flower bouquet cards online. I absolutely loved the look of them but as a crafter, my thoughts had me scheming how to DIY the project – just like I did last month with my new Floating Teacup Tutorial!

I received tons of requests inside my Facebook group for me to design a similar concept that could be handmade. Nine failed prototypes later, I finally came up with a design that worked.

In today’s tutorial, I will teach you how to make these pop-up flower cards. These pop-up flower cards are perfect for Mother’s Day or any occasion! While these cards are probably too advanced for a child I have lots of other kid-friendly inspiration for you here!

Sure, these pop-up cards may look less “perfect” than the store-bought ones, given I am not computer or machine manufacturing them. However, I still am happy with the results and I think you will be too! To say you were able to put the love into the handmade process of this type of card is quite an accomplishment!

While it is recommended to use your Cricut machine to craft this pop-up flower card you can print the PNG images and cut them with a pair of scissors too. New to Cricut? Read the most frequently asked questions and answers here!

Learn to make pop up flower bouquet cards for Mother's day or any special occasion. Print then cut the free templates to DIY your own pop up flower cards.

The best part is these templates are completely free for a limited time! Be sure to download them inside my Freebie Vault below.

Download the Free Pop-up Flower Card Templates

Download my free pop-up papercraft card templates by joining my community of 250,000+ other crafty besties! Find the templates inside my Freebie Vault. Sign up below or log into your account. Search Pop-up Card or Design #83 to find it!


If you are new to Cricut let me encourage you to visit this post on uploading files. Additionally, downloading my Cricut Confidence ebook will also give you all the help you need to conquer your design space questions once and for all!

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How to Make Pop Up Flower Cards – Cricut Design Space Tips

Learn to make pop up flower bouquet cards for Mother's day or any special occasion. Print then cut the free templates to DIY your own pop up flower cards.
  1. Importing the PNG images to Cricut Design Space will be the first step (there are PDF printables included for those who wish to cut by hand – I recommend having an Exacto knife on hand as well and detail scissors)
  2. Because we are working with PNG images here the sizes may need to be adjusted. Follow these measurements to ensure your success and watch the opening of the video here to see how to set everything up and why we need to mirror the pieces.

Cricut Measurements

  • One Bouquet Centerpiece 1 (mirrored 1x)- 6.062 W x 9.029 H inches
  • One Bouquet Centerpiece 2 (mirrored 1x) – 6.062 W x 9.029 H inches
  • Two Bouquet piece 3 (mirrored 2x) – 6.478 W X 5.296 H inches
  • Two Bouquet piece 4 (mirrored 2x) – 6.433 W x 4.931 H inches
  • Base wrap – 6.116 W x 2.302 H inches

Be sure to change the black outlines on the base wrap to Score under Operation/Linetype in Design Space.

Once you have downloaded the templates watch the full step-by-step video tutorial or review the picture tutorial below to make these beautiful pop-up flower cards that Mom or any loved one will appreciate!

  1. Download the free bouquet templates right here on Abbi Kirsten Collections, available above.
  2. Print the free PNG images of the bouquets out through Cricut Design Space. Need help understanding Print Then Cut read more here. Make sure to mirror duplicates of each piece. View the video tutorial for full setup details.
  3. Use scrapbook tape to tape the mirrored counterparts back to back with the color side visible. Repeat with all the pop-up flower card pieces.
  4. Starting with the two largest center bouquet pieces slide them together.
  5. Add on the next two largest flower prints on the sides.
  6. Complete the floral details with the two small cut-outs sliding them over the outer edges.
  7. In the templates, there is a rectangle that will fit around the base to help reinforce the base.
  8. Practice collapsing and opening the pop-up flower bouquet card!

DIY Pop-up Flower Cards Video Tutorial

How to make pop up flower bouquet cards.

For more Mother’s Day crafts try my Cascading Teacup with Paper Flowers or download my Mother’s Day Printable Binder which makes gifts from the kids a snap – yup, I’m talking to you Dads!

Mother's Day printable cards. Printable banner for Mother's Day decor. Mad libs for Mom. Stickers for Mother's day and more.

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Learn to make pop up flower bouquet cards for Mother's day or any special occasion. Print then cut the free templates to DIY your own pop up flower cards.

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DIY pop up flower bouquet cards with free templates and tutorial.

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  1. Bette Daoust says:

    Thank you ever so much for putting this tutorial together! I know it takes a lot of work to design something like this and I truly appreciate all the work you put into this. I am looking forward to making this!

  2. Tammy Thomas says:

    I cant find the svg for the base wrap …there is nothing there.?
    Thanks Tammy

    1. Please check again. It is inside the first folder with all the other templates.

  3. I love this pop up flower bouquet and have watched the video and taken notes.

  4. I keep trying to get a code and never get a reply. You have some fantastic things and I would love to see more.

    1. Hi Mary,

      What code are you looking for? I would love to help you!

      Happy crafting!

  5. Do you have a version that can be done by hand?

    1. There are PNG images included that can be printed and cut with scissors. 🙂

  6. I finally figured it out and it came out beautiful. Thank you!

  7. I tried the pop up flower bouquet and the cutting on the cricut was completely off! Ruined the first 2 print and cuts.

    1. Hi Patti,

      I’m sorry that happened. While I am not sure why that happened without knowing your process I can let you know I double-checked the files and have had people as recent as yesterday use it successfully. If you would like to share the steps you followed I can try and troubleshoot it for you?

  8. I tried doing this with copy paper, big fail. I couldn’t catch what type of paper you used in the printing
    I am using an epson workforce 545 and the sheets came out with vertical lines throughout. I think this was a problem with the cut process. I am not sure what paper it should be set to with such thin printer paper.

    1. Definitely use 65 pound cardstock. 🙂

  9. Sarah Wagner says:

    I just found this great flower pop out and love it. My question is can I make it smaller than 9 inches and how would I do it? I would like to do one that is just under 7 inches.

    1. Yes, you can. Import all the files and then select all of them at once and scale them down as a group. 🙂

  10. Sarah Wagner says:

    Thank you so much. I made the big one, but will try a smaller version with the cost of postage!

  11. Marian Cicerale says:

    Hi Abbi,
    I am doing the purple flowers. How would I make them larger? I know how to do the two with the stems but the two single flowers….how would you make sure they are the same size and the flowers with the stem? Thanks.

    1. Hi Marian! When scaling the design make sure to load the entire file and scale everything as a group that way they will stay proportional. 🙂