Gift Ideas For Crafters: 30 Brilliant Gifts for Crafters

Let’s get to shopping for brilliant gift ideas for crafters. Oh yeah, and they can all be purchased from the comfort of your couch!

This is my favorite cutting machine and after ten years of crafting with them, I can say that any creative person would love this gift! It is definitely a must-have gift for any crafty person.

Cutting machines usually have bundles, they also sell additional accessories that are pretty AWESOME! Like this Easy Press which is made specifically for vinyl projects.

If your crafty loved one doesn’t yet have a sewing machine, or is in need of an upgrade, this gift idea is sure to make them happy!

Every crafter has to have a quality glue gun. I personally love when I can find a standing glue gun because they don’t stick to your table surface when set down.

This is pretty darn cool. You can now buy your own screen printing kits right off the internet so crafters can decorate their own totes, t-shirts and so much more!

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