DIY Giant Amaryllis Paper Flowers – Templates and Tutorial

It’s time for another giant paper flowers tutorial! This Amaryllis flower petal is unique from my traditional wider petals.

– Cardstock – Pan Pastels  – Ink sponges – Wood dowel – Glue gun – Scissors – Cutting machine


Step 1. For each flower, you will cut out eight petals in every size – one of each side of the 8-sided base, and then 4-6 center petals.

Step 2: Cut about a 1.5 to 2-inch slit at the bottom. Then crease the petal gently. Curl each top edge backward with your wood dowel or pencil. Finally, overlap and glue the slit at the base

Step 3: Once you have prepared your petals all the same way, you will begin adding them around the octagon base, largest to smallest. I’m using my 8-sided Petal Perfect octagon base.

Step 4: For these paper amaryllis flowers, I will be using the what comes with my paper amaryllis template. You would want to create some dimension.

Tap the link below to see the full instructionS.