How to Create Realistic Blooms With Different Paper Flower Supplies

In this comprehensive guide, I will share all the essential paper flower supplies and resources you need to create beautiful DIY paper flowers for yourself.

The most important key is with the cardstock to only purchase solid core so that the paper is the same color through and through.

Where To Find Cardstock For Paper Flowers

Paper Weight

There are a lot of different types and weights of paper to use when making paper flowers. Here are the weights of paper I use for my flowers:

Cardstock: 50 – 80-pound paper. I do not ever go above 80-pound because the paper is too thick to curl without wrinkling Crepe paper: 60-180 grams weight

Crepe Paper

At some point, you may want to venture into the world of crepe paper flowers. In that case, you will definitely fall in love with Cartefini crepe paper.

How To Cut Your Petals

Cutting paper flower petals is a major aspect of crafting these beauties. There are some particular tools I recommend getting the cut just right.

In general, a medium weight is the best and the most popular.

What Weight Or Thickness Of Cardstock Should You Use

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