How to Make Giant Hawaiian Paper Flowers

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One of the reasons I love creating paper flower templates is how easy they are to make for any season, theme, or style. Summertime is a wonderful season to craft, especially with kids out of school. Today’s tutorial will teach you how to make giant Hawaiian-style paper flowers perfect for a tropical theme party! This Hawaiian paper flower tutorial is easy enough that kids can enjoy this as a Summertime craft too!

In addition to my Hawaiin flower design, I also created a similar tropical wallflower made almost the same way. The Alana style flower’s petals have a slightly different shape, and I will show you how to create four layers instead of only two like the giant plumeria Hawaiian blossom. 

Need more summer crafts? Check out my giant hibiscus-style paper flower, crepe hibiscus, and free plumeria flower tutorial. 

How to make giant Hawaiian paper flowers.

Supply List of Giant Hawaiian Paper Flowers

Hawaiian paper flower summer crafts for kids.

Cutting Out Your Hawaiian Flower Petals

To get started, cut out the Hawaiian flower templates. I love to use my Cricut machine for all my crafts, but if you do not have one, you can also cut by hand with scissors just as easily!

After you download your Hawaiian and Alana style flower templates, cut out the following number of petals: 

Hawaiian Flower

  • Extra-large petals – 7
  • Large petals – 7
  • 1 medallion center

Alana Style

  • Extra-large petals – 6
  • Large petals – 6
  • Medium petals – 6
  • Small petals – 5

For the jewel center, I used a 2-inch foam ball cut in half and rhinestones. You can see the assembly for the center here. 

Watch the full Hawaiian flower video tutorial below or scroll down for a picture tutorial!

How to Make Hawaiian Paper Flowers  

Unlike my other flower tutorials, no slit will be cut at the bottom of the petal for this flower. Instead, we will be rolling the flower at the bottom and creating a cone shape.

It’s fun to cut the large petals of the Hawaiian templates in a different color for a cool ombre layered look – this is optional but creates a delightful color contrast.

Love ombre and the ease of creating cone petals? – then, you will love my giant Dahlia rolled wallflower design here.

Build Your Hawaiian Flower 

How to fold your flowers petals.

Start building the Hawaiian flowers by gluing one side of the petal to the inner side of another petal. Keep going will you have used all the petals meet together in a circle. When gluing the petals be sure to close the flower and pinch the petals together until the hot glue is fully dry.

How to build the giant Hawaiian flowers.

Glue your 3-4 inch circle over the back. Flip your flower over and glue the medallion in the center on the front side.

Large paper wallflowers

Optional: Add a jewel center to the middle! You can make these yourself or buy a lovely brooch or accent piece.

Giant paper flower tutorial for party backdrop decor.

Alana Style Tropical WallFlower Video Tutorial

Alright, so the Alana flower is made the same way despite a slight difference in the petal shape, and I will show you how to create four layers instead of two. I created both the Alana and Hawaiian flowers to compliment each other, making them perfect for a party flower backdrop! 

You can find the Alana templates here, watch the full video tutorial below, or scroll down for a picture tutorial. 

Easy DIY large wall flowers

More Crafts to Love

Just like with the Hawaiian flower, roll all your petals into cones – the large, medium, small, and extra small Alana petals. 

Glue all six petals together and add the circle base just like before. Alternatively, to help keep your placement, you can also fold the circle into thirds to create six-segment guides for your petals and glue each petal to the circle base. 

DIY templates for giant paper flowers

Alternate Your Petals

From there, it is pretty simple. You will add each petal in between the petals below it to alternate and are not directly stacked. The tip of each cone you are adding in will naturally slightly tilt forward into the middle of the flower – this is where you want to add your glue for the best connection.

Continue this pattern until you have all four petal layers complete for your Alana-style flower. 

How to make big paper flower decorations.

I ended up with six petals in layers 2-3 and 5 petals in layer 4 – this may vary for everyone according to individual style and the placement of your petals.

Once my petals are together I like to place a circle over the center for a more finished look and it helps create a flatter surface for my center to be glue to.

The last step is to add in a pompom or jewel center – or you can combine both by wrapping the pompom around the jewel ball! Watch my pompom and center tutorial here or my jewel center option.

How to make huge DIY paper flowers.

Both the Hawaiian flower and Alana templates make a 21-inch flower diameter! They are great for tropical party decor, like a Moana theme! Check out a few customer-shared images below!

How would you use these to decorate a party or room? Share your ideas below in the comments!

Hawaiian giant paper flower tutorial for a Moana luau birthday party backdrop.

How adorable is this fun Summer luau party?! Nothing makes my heart happier than seeing your creations! Come over to the Facebook group and share them!

Tropical Summer luau party backdrop with large paper flowers.

Keep the Craft Party Going!

Share what you’ve been up to by using #DIYwithAbbi. I would love to see your creativity in the works, so flaunt your flower power magic! You are a huge source of my inspiration!

My mission is to inspire you to nurture the creative magic inside your soul – bringing you fun, easy-to-learn DIY projects and quality template designs. Interested in more flower tutorials?! I’ve created dozens of signature designs for you to enjoy – starting with my bestseller, The Art of Giant Paper Flowers, the Giant Flower Library, and my shop of endless paper designs and flower templates.

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Giant Hawaiian paper flower tutorial.

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