How to Make a Floating Tea Cups with Cascading Paper Flowers

This floating teacup craft is a beautiful handmade gift to give or a way to use a special piece of china in a new way.

I think this is an excellent  gift! Your teacup will literally look like it is floating mid-air as if by magic.


– Teacup and saucer  – A metal fork – Hot glue gun – Gorilla glue – Paper flowers – Moss and/ silk flowers

I used a variety of paper flowers to create this look. I also added in some paper vines to enhance the flowers.

I sized all my paper flowers to make about 1.5 – 2-inch blooms using my Cricut Maker and Cricut Explore machines.  The paper rosettes are particularly easy to create and make a lot of quickly.

Constructing The Teacup

The first phase is to build the teacup structure.  I chose gorilla glue to reinforce the hot glue and it worked perfectly!

Adding Flowers

I recommend playing around and laying out your design first before gluing anything down. Once you are happy with the layout glue down your paper flowers with hot glue.

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