How to Make Bella Rose Paper Flower

This rose follows the basic method but adds in a Ruby Rose small flower design as its center.

Ruby Rose can be used as a bouquet style flower but for this tutorial, it has been incorporated into the Bella style as the center.


– Bella templates – Glue Gun65-pound cardstock – Wire clippers – Scissors and/or cutting machine – Thin wooden dowel  – 3 inch circle punch – Pencil

Cut the petals according to the needed sizes. Then cut 2 in slits at the bottom of all the petals and overlap slightly. Curl the extra large and large petals backward.


Build your first layer as in the basic method.  Overlap each petal at a 45 degree angle until all 7 or 8 of your extra large petals meet together.

Add your circle over the back. You can also cut a small square.

Add in the second, third and fourth layers of petals.

Tap the link below to see the full instructionS.