How to Make Big Paper Sunflowers

I decided it was time to reinvent the large sunflower with a new and improved center that was more true-to-life like a sunflower in nature!

This paper sunflower tutorial will make you feel bright and cheery in no time. Let's get started!

This sunflower template can absolutely be cut by hand with just scissors! The petals are very easy to cut out.

Once you have the petals cut out, you will need cut 1.5-2 inch slits at the bottom center of each petal and slightly overlap each one, securing it with glue.


Next, curl the petal backward using the thin wood dowel or a pencil. You can vary the direction you curl the petals for a more natural look.

Starting with the XL petals place one petal on each side of the 10-sided base. When you get to the last petal tuck the final side under the starting petal.

Continue you with your large petals adding each one in between the XL petals which is known as alternating your petals.

Tap the link below to see the full instructionS.