How to Make Large Paper Peonies: Templates and Tutorial

With the outdoors livening up, so are events like weddings, showers, and parties as we head into the season of matrimony.

Giant peonies or small peonies are perfect for a wedding backdrop, baby shower decor, or Easter events. So let’s start teaching you how to make paper peonies!

Cut the following number of petals: -XL petal – 8 cuts – Large petal – 8 cuts – Medium petal – 8 cuts – Small petal – 8 cuts – Extra Small petal- 8 cuts – Center petals – 2-3 cuts – One 8-sided base

Step 1

Cut about a 1.5 inch to 2-inch slit in the bottom center edge of the petal. Add a touch of glue on one edge and slightly overlap the two pieces.

Step 2

Use your dowel or marker to roll the one side inwards, and the opposite side backward.

Step 3

With your dowel, this time curl BOTH sides inward, towards you. Do this for all the medium, small, and extra small petals as seen above.

Step 4

With your 8-sided base begin placing your extra-large petals, one petal for each side of the base.