How to Make Large Paper Peonies: Templates and Tutorial

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Large Paper Peonies DIY Tutorial

With the weather growing warmer, more and more flowers are blooming with the coming of spring! With the outdoors livening up, so with events like weddings, showers, and parties as we head into the season of matrimony. Perfect for a wedding backdrop, baby shower decor, or Easter events, giant peonies or small peonies are sure to represent the season right.

With spring waking up all around us, now feels like the perfect time to make paper peonies! Feel free to follow along with my video tutorial at the bottom as you read through the step-by-step process on the blog!

So let’s start teaching you how to make paper peonies!


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Large Paper Peonies DIY Tutorial

How to Make Paper Peonies Step by Step

Cut the following number of petals:

-XL petal – 8 cuts
– Large petal – 8 cuts
– Medium petal – 8 cuts
– Small petal – 8 cuts
– Extra Small petal- 8 cuts
– Center petals – 2-3 cuts
– One 8-sided base

Helpful Hint: If you’d like to downside the overall size of your flower, just exclude the largest petal size from your assembly & you’ll end up with a smaller completed peony.

Step 1

How to Make Large Paper Peonies. DIY Tutorial

After getting all your petals cut out whether by hand or with a cutting machine, start with XL petal. Cut about a 1.5 inch to 2-inch slit in the bottom center edge of the petal, vertically.

Add a touch of glue on one edge and slightly overlap the two pieces. This will create a slight bowl shape to the petal.

Step 2

Use your dowel or marker to roll the one side inwards, and the opposite side backward. You can do so by placing the dowel on the underside of the paper at the edges and pressing the paper around the shape like a mold. Do this with all of your extra-large and large petals. It doesn’t matter which side you do in or out, just as long as they stay uniform within the same size of the petal.

Step 3

With your medium size petals, cut your slit and glue the same as previous sizes. With your dowel, this time curl BOTH sides inward, towards you. Do this for all the medium, small, and extra small petals.

Helpful Hint: As you begin curling smaller petals, you may need an object smaller than your dowel, I use a spare glue stick in a pinch!

Step 4

How to make large paper peonies.

With your 8-sided base begin placing your extra-large petals, one petal for each side of the base. Add just a small amount of glue along the bottom back side of the petal then placed on each side. Repeat for all 8 petals.

Helpful Hint: When you get to the last petal it can be helpful to tuck the side under the edge of the starting petal. So your petals have a more uniform, fanned out look.

Step 5

How to Make Large Paper Peonies. DIY Tutorial

Continue with the same process for the large petals, but glue them in-between where two extra large petals meet, or it’s “seam”. So that they alternate and aren’t right in line with the previous size.

Do this for the medium size, then small size petals as well. At this point, it may be helpful to start bending your petals in so it gives the look your flower is evenly blooming. Tuck the last petal in-between the starting petal as you did previously.

Repeat the same process with extra small petals, making sure to bend and tuck them in as you go, ensuring they aren’t laying too flat in the flower.

Step 6

How to make large paper peonies.

Now, taking your center cuts begin curling each petal point inwards. Once this is done, continue “reinforcing” the curl by rolling them inwards with your fingers, getting it to fall inwards, this will be your final center.

Turn the center cut over and give the bottom a little squeeze, so the petals want to naturally fold inwards better. Do this with both center cuts. While gently squeezing it shut, apply a generous amount of glue to the bottom, and add to the center of the flower. Repeat the process with your second center cut.

*If you feel you need another center cut to fill it up more, you certainly can. Continue curling the petal points inward to help them hold their shape.

Be sure to scroll down to the bottom to see the full video on how to make paper peonies for yourself!

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How to Make Large Paper Peonies: Templates and Tutorial. Follow this step by step paper flower tutorial to learn how to create beautiful paper peony flowers.

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How to Make Large Paper Peonies: Templates and Tutorial. Follow this step by step paper flower tutorial to learn how to create beautiful paper peony flowers.

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Full video tutorial

How to Make Large Paper Peonies.

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DIY large paper peony flowers.

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