How to Make Paper Flowers with Cricut and Other Cutting Machines – Tips for Cutting Machine Users


SVG or DXF cut files are the formats that work with machines like Cricut or Silhouette. 

I STRONGLY recommend always using SVG cut files because they save with more data and are a better quality file. Cricut machine will always work with SVG cut files.

SVG – An SVG cut file stands for scalable vector graphics. SVG files  give you the ability to layer by color with various materials.

Here is a defined breakdown of the formats:

DXF – Similar to SVG files but they do not save with the same content data as SVG and therefore make them inferior quality to an SVG file.

PNG or JPEG – A PNG is just like a clipart image. Clipart images are flattened designs meaning the colors are blended, and you cannot separate each layer by color.

HOW DO I UPLOAD MY SVG FILES? Uploading SVG files are quite simple – much like opening a document in any other program. It is important to note that you will need to unzip compressed files FIRST.

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