Cricut Design Space Functions for Beginners

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Cricut Design Space Terminology for Beginners

When getting started with a Cricut machine and the Design Space software, it’s daunting to figure out all the functions and terms. Even though you’re excited to use all those wonderful craft materials, it’s helpful to familiarize yourself with all the Cricut definitions and terminology before jumping into tutorials.

Below you will find 40+ Design Space terms and what they mean when working inside Cricut Design Space. Plus as a bonus at the bottom of this post, you can download a free printable PDF to refer back to anytime as you begin to master your Cricut!

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Cricut Design Space Glossary

Design Space Terms: A-C

Align: When two or more items are selected on the canvas, this function aligns them according to the selection of center, left, right, top, bottom, etc.

Attach: The Attach tool has a two-fold purpose. It allows you to hold images in place
relative to each other on the cutting mat and also lets you attach score lines and text to images.

Arrange: Arranging an image allows you to move it in front of, behind, or in between
other image layers present on the canvas.

Canvas: The Canvas is the Design Space visual workspace where you will design and
arrange your vectors or prints and access all the tools.

Color Sync: The Color Sync panel helps by consolidating the colors of one project to reduce the number of colored materials you need to use when cutting a project.

Contour: The Contour tool lets you hide portions of an image layer quickly so that they won’t cut out, creating a new image result.

Cricut Cut/Go Button: The Cut button refers to the Cricut logo button to the left side of your machine. Press this button to initiate a cut.

Cut Lines: Cut Lines are the shape’s outlines or each layer’s outline that will cut when initiated.

The Cut Screen a.k.a Make It Button: The screen that loads after you click the Make It button at the top right-hand side. This screen will be present when the machine is cutting designs out.

Cutting Mat: The cutting mats are what you will stick your material on to load into your Cricut machine. Use light blue for paper, pink for fabric, green for vinyl and other general materials, and purple for wood or metal.

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Design Space Terms: D-F

Delete: Delete will remove an image permanently from the canvas.

Deselect All: Deselects all items currently selected on the canvas.

Design Space: Cricut’s cloud-based software for designing and doing your projects.

Draw Lines: Draw Lines or Writing Style will be the line-type when using a pen to write
script or draw an image.

Duplicate: Clone and duplicate any image on the screen.

Edit Bar: The Edit function allows you to cut, copy and paste any object on the canvas.

Fill: Filling an image means a pattern or printed color is placed inside an image present on the canvas. 

Flatten: Flattening means that a current vector, which has two or more layers, can be turned into a printable image for the Print Then Cut feature

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Flipping an image will turn it 180 degrees horizontally or vertically. 

Design Space Terms: G-K

Group: The Group command enables multiple image layers or text on the canvas to be selected and moved at one time as one object so as not to affect their layout. 

Images or Image Library: Images that you can buy or use for free in the Cricut membership or freebie section of Design Space. 

JPG & PNG Files: These are image files that will end in either .jpeg or .png. These are uploaded in Design Space for the Print and Cut feature. 

Design Space Terms: L-P

Layers (Panel): Layers refer to one unified image on the canvas. Multiple images can be “layered” together or moved backward and forward using Arrange. 

Linetype: Linetype is the action that will occur when the Cricut machine creates—cut, draw, score, engrave, perforate, wavy edge, and deboss. 

The Cricut cutting machine has multiple functions, and it’s important to learn how to use each feature so you can get the most out of your Cricut.

Load Button: The Load button is the double arrow button present next to the cut button on the machine. Pressing the double arrow button loads and unloads the cutting mat from the machine. 

Material Settings: Material settings are present in Design Space or on the dial or the Explore machine. These are key to setting the pressure that the blade will use on the selected material. 

Mirrored Image: Mirroring reverses an image so that it is backward. Mirroring is necessary when working with heat transfer vinyl (a.k.a iron-on) so that the finished project will read the correct direction. Use the mirror toggle on the cut screen to set this. 

No Fill: No Fill means that there is no print pattern present on the vector selected on the canvas. 

Print Then Cut: Print Then Cut is a flattened image on the canvas often with a pattern, which is sent to your home printer via Design Space and then an outline of that printed image cut by the machine. 

Design Space Terms: Q-S

Redo: Redo a recently undone action when working in Design Space.

Registration Marks: Registration Marks areguides that are printed when using the Print and cut function. Cricut reads these as a means of cutting the flattened image correctly.

Reverse Weeding: Reverse Weeding removes the vinyl that would typically be left behind. Reverse Weeding is used generally for stencil vinyl.

Rotate: Rotate any image 360 degrees on the canvas.

Score Lines: Score Lines are creasing the paper or material used with a scoring tool or wheel.

Select All: The Select All button allows you to select any images presently visible on the canvas.

Size: The size is the dimensions of an image or object when selected on the canvas.

Shapes: TheShapes button allows you to insert any basic geometric shape onto your canvas. These are free.

Slice: The Slice tool creates new cut paths from two images. It will result in three or more new shapes that present as new layers. Select only two layers to make this tool usable.

SVG (a.k.a Scalable Vector Graphic): An SVG Cut File is a vector file that can be scaled larger or small and retain its resolution. SVG files are made up of lines that consist of infinite dots to achieve this flexibility. Use SVG cut files to cut colored materials on your Cricut and arrange a final layered design. 

Design Space Terms: T-Z

Text or Font: Text is how you can type words and customize your writing with unique fonts and scripts within Design Space. Text can be cut or drawn according to the line-type set. 

Undo: Undo a recent action in Design Space.

Ungroup: Ungrouping enables you to move each layer of a vector on the canvas individually from its counterparts. 

Upload: Upload is adding your own vector, print or pattern fill images to Design Space. 

Weeding: The process of removing unwanted excess vinyl from a cut design. 

Weld: The Weld tool enables you to combine two single shapes or text into one new seamless shape, eliminating unwanted cut lines. Welding is often used with text to create seamless cursive words. 

Cricut Cheat Sheet

Grab your free PDF printable Cricut Design Space Cheat Sheet (found in my freebies) vault to keep all these functions straight!

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Grab your free PDF printable Cricut Design Space Cheat Sheet to keep all these functions straight!

Grab your free PDF printable below to keep all these functions straight!

Download your Cricut Design Space for Beginners Cheat Sheet here!

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