How To Print Then Cut On Cricut – Print Then Cut vs Cut Image Cricut (What’s the difference?)

One of the biggest questions beginners ask is how to Print Then Cut with a Cricut? And what is the difference between a Print Then Cut and a basic cut or layered SVG cut file?

Today I’m giving you a specific understanding of the distinct characteristics of a Print Then Cut image versus an SVG cut file.

– Cricut machine  – Inkjet printer  – Cardstock, sticker paper, waterslide, or printable vinyl  – Cricut mat  – Brayer tool


With Print Then Cut, Cricut replaces the part where YOU have to do the cutting. Instead, your Cricut machine does the work for you!

What Does It Mean To Print Then Cut On Cricut?

The Print Then Cut feature is a relatively simple process. The most important thing is that you know which formats to use and how to calibrate your Cricut machine.

Print Then Cut works with JPEG or PNG images. A JPEG or PNG image is a single layer image where all the colors have been flattened together; no layers are present.

The Importance Of Print Then Cut Calibration Calibration ensures you get the most accurate cut with your machine, so don’t skip this step!