How to Start Networking for Your Blog Story

Today, I will share the why and how of getting blog features and all the benefits it can bring your small business, no matter your niche.

Whether you are just a blogger yourself wanting to know how to get traffic to your blog, a handmade artist or entrepreneur, this trick alone can actually make your success happen!

Where is My Traffic?

Well, it’s out there. The key to getting your traffic from the massive “out there” void to interacting with your brand, product or service is simply this: back links!

A back link is a hyperlink coming from one web page to another site. You want the other site to be yours!

What is a back link?

Free Traffic. You are automatically positioning yourself to scoop up any traffic that comes to the site of your featured link back.

What does a back link do for my site exactly?

Brand Exposure. Having another site write about you, feature you or just drop a quick mention of your blog, product or service will psychologically keep people’s minds open.

Feature Others. If you get them to notice you they might be willing to feature you back!

The best ways to start networking

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