How To Use Cricut Smart Vinyl Materials

Cricut Maker 3 And Explore 3 Smart Vinyl Tutorial

I am sharing how to use the Cricut Smart Materials, specifically the Cricut Smart Vinyl, in this tutorial.

Cricut Smart Materials are specially created materials that can be cut without using a cutting mat on the Maker 3 or Explore 3 Cricut machines.

What Is Smart Vinyl, A.K.A Smart Materials?

What Kind Of Smart Materials Does Cricut Sell?

Cricut offers various types of vinyl, including permanent, removable, and iron-on smart materials.

So what are the benefits of cutting matless? Well, for one, it does save the steps of loading and unloading a cutting machine.

With Smart Vinyl specifically, you can cut up to 30ft in length on the Maker 3 and Explore 3 machines – something that cannot be accomplished on a mat!

DIY Laundry Room Decal With Cricut Smart Vinyl

I am sharing my laundry room decal project with you today to show you how to use Cricut Smart Vinyl.

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