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Where to Find the Best Vinyl Blanks for Your Cricut Craft Projects

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Where to find the best craft vinyl blanks for your Cricut projects.

Craft vinyl is an exciting material for crafters. Once you have mastered your Cricut machine and know where to find all those great supplies, the question will come up of where to look for affordable and stylish craft vinyl blanks.

Where to find the best craft vinyl blanks

Okay, so where do we actually need to look to find the best craft vinyl blanks? Well, that depends on what you are searching for! Many crafters first look for shirts and clothing blanks, which is where we will start. But I will also cover where I purchase things like wood signs, ornament blanks, glasses, tumblers, and more!

where to buy blank t-shirts for screen printing or Iron-on HTV designs

There are many websites that come up when you search for the best t-shirts to use with HTV but I am sharing the ones that I have personally tried and think are the best. Also, don’t be afraid to check stores! You’d be surprised what you can find at Walmart or Target.

Bella Canvas Tanks and T-shirts

Probably the most popular t-shirt blanks are the Bella Canvas brand. Benefits of the Bella Canvas shirts include buying in bulk, soft fabric, and a variety of colors and styles. You can easily find both men’s and women’s shirts in basic tees, tank tops, and raglan shirts too. Bella Canvas also has kids’ options!

Bella canvas tank tops
Bella canvas t-shirts
Best craft vinyl blanks for your Cricut projects. Discover where to find the best t-shirts, hats, signs, tumblers, and more for your Cricut crafts!

Be sure to check out Amazon for Bella Canvas too especially if you are looking for just a couple of shirts to start before buying wholesale.

Jiffy Shirts

Jiffy is very popular too. With a large selection of shirts for men, women, and kids, plus other items like hats, jackets, and sweatshirts you will have a lot to pick from.

Gildan Shirts and Hans on Bulk Apparel

Bulk Apparel is a very large site full of shirts perfect for your craft vinyl blanks. They offer a range of brands from Bella Canvas to Gildan, Hands, JIffy, and a few others. Bulk Apparel is a great one-stop site and affordable for those trying to sell their shirts. I usually shop here first!


All of the websites already mention offer kids apparel that I would recommend, some offer baby onesies as well. For additional shirts or onesie craft vinyl blanks for kids, I would recommend Happy Crafters which has a good selection of baby and kids items.

For more kid-friendly apparel check out this amazing site here!

Blank t-shirts for kids.
Blank baby onesies for crafts

Speaking of blank items for kids and babies let’s look at the best craft vinyl blanks for bibs and blankets. Amazon had several bulk options for bibs. I like these traditional blank bibs and the bandana ones (could work for dogs too!)

Baby blankets are another item that is often personalized with iron-on vinyl or sublimation designs. I love KidsBlanks.com for baby blankets, sleepers, and even clothing.

Amazon also has some good muslin baby blankets that can be personalized as gifts.

Where to find blank hats for vinyl crafts

Hats are a very popular craft vinyl blank to customize. I love using my Easypress Mini for hat projects. Happy Crafters has several hat options to choose from in many colors and styles.

Blank Stainless Steel Tumblers

Finding cheap blank tumblers is always a challenge. After years of purchasing many brands, I have found three suppliers I love the most. My top two choices when purchasing stainless steel tumblers are Steel Magnolia Tumblers and bulk sets of tumblers on Amazon. A close runner-up to Steel Magnolia Tumblers is also Hogg Outfitters, which has storyboard tumblers and lots of kid-friendly sippy cup blank tumblers too! Also, check out their stainless steel water bottles.

Sublimation Tumber Blanks

Before we leave the blank tumbler territory, I like to include sublimation tumblers as well. Both Amazon and Steel Magnolia Tumblers offer sublimation tumbler blanks!

blank sublimation tumblers

Blank Mugs and Glasses

Making custom mugs and wine glasses is another popular option for Cricut machine owners. Again, Amazon offers a lot for the mugs and glasses as well as Bulk Bar Products which has a drinkware and wine section.

For mugs, I like to purchase Cricut’s sublimation-friendly mugs or these mugs sets here.

Blank Plastic Tumblers and Waterbottles

Some folks prefer the double-walled plastic tumblers which I purchase from Amazon or Starbucks. And bulk blank water bottles can be found here or here, in addition to Direct Mugs.

Ring Dishes Craft Blanks

Adding personalized details to ring dishes is a great gift. You can also explore your local Dollar Tree for some great inexpensive dish blanks that make excellent blanks for vinyl crafts.

Tote and Makeup Bags

Totes, makeup bags, and drawstring bags are perfect for iron-on vinyl.

Acrylic Blanks for Crafts

If you own the Cricut Maker machine then engraving is an option for you. I love some of the small acrylic blanks on Amazon but my favorite source is the Craft Cameleon.

Wood Blanks for Crafting

Our craft vinyl blanks list wouldn’t be complete without wood suggestions! Every crafter loves to make a DIY wood sign at some point or at the very least will use some form of wooden craft blank. I’ve made many signs with Cricut before and even used my vinyl on things like trays, wood rounds, and chalkboards, like these back-to-school signs with vinyl for my kiddos! You can get the file here in the Freebie Vault!

DIY Christmas Ornament Blanks

Every Christmas I had some kind of handmade DIY ornament to my holiday collection, and I know I am not alone since so many crafters such for ornament craft vinyl blank, and using your Cricut to customize Christmas ornaments is so fun!

Below is a list of my favorite ornament blanks, including where to find clear round ornaments for DIY glitter ornaments. Usually, I will shop at Michaels Craft Store first for clear ornaments but if they are out of season then the online resources below are great! I also love using arabesque tile ornaments with iron-on vinyl, permanent vinyl, or even printable vinyl.

Blank Jars and Vases for Craft Vinyl

I often find myself decorating flower vases that I use to fill with paper flowers as well as apothecary jars that are ideal for storage and organization! My favorite places to get vases and jars are Michaels Craft stores! Amazon is a close second with plastic apothecary alternatives.

One of my personal favorites is these large glass jars that can be customized as cookie jars or dog treat containers!

Hand/Tea Towels for HTV Vinyl

Personalizing hand towels or tea towels are a cute gift to give at Christmas time or yet another way to add a unique item to your home. These hand towels are ideal for drying things like dishes while these lighter tea towels sold in bulk with multiple color choices are best are decorative only towels.

Pot holders for Iron-On Vinyl

I love to personalize pot holders for easy last-minute Christmas gifts! Check out my tutorial on adding glitter iron-on to potholders. This bulk pack of potholders is my first choice while the colorful set is a great alternative for those who do not want red.

There are countless places out there to find great craft vinyl blanks! This list above should give you a good start!

Do you know of another great resource for vinyl blanks? Please share below in the comments!

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