How to Use the Cricut Easypress Mini: DIY Custom Shoe Tutorial

When Cricut releases a new tool, I get as excited as a kid on Christmas morning. The Easypress has been developing for a few generations, and now Cricut has released the Cricut Easypress Mini.

Today I am going to give you the rundown of how to use the Cricut Easypress Mini – there are some super important steps you will need to take to be successful.

Here are a few types of iron-on surfaces that you can use the Cricut Easypress Mini on:

– Baby shoes – Hats – Stuffed animals – Shoes – Handbags – Eyeglass cases – Certain shaped pillows – Intricate detail on shirts – Backpacks – Socks – Fabric headbands or bows – Any fabric object that might have a curve to it!

What Makes The Cricut Easypress Mini Different?

Unusually shaped objects and tinier projects can be a challenge to craft. But with the Cricut EasyPress Mini, you are able to achieve professional heat-transfer results, even for your most shapely objects and projects.

The Easypress Mini has 3 heat settings, high, medium, and low, which is different from the larger Easypresses that allow you to set exact temperatures and countdown timers.

How to Use the Cricut Easypress Mini

Always heat your surface BEFORE applying the vinyl. This preps the area to receive the vinyl so much easier, which is key when working on curved or intricate surfaces.

Check your heat settings. Cricut has an Easypress Mini guide with exact instructions to help you get it right!

Create a firm surface for yourself. For example, with my shoe project, I stuffed the shoes with wrapping paper I had on hand.