Giant Paper Rose Tutorial- Majesty Style Rose

For a long time I’ve wanted to create the perfect looking paper rose. The rose that trumps all other paper roses I’ve made thus far.

This Majesty Style Rose  is certainly an intermediate to advanced paper flower. So if you are new to crafting in generally or paper crafts I suggest starting with a more basic giant flower.

Petal Count – 1st layer 8-9 petals – 2nd layer 7-8 petals – 3rd layer 6-7 petals – 4th layer 8 petals (you will be splitting these into groups of 4) – 2 center petal cuts

1. Begin the same way we do with all my giant flowers, by cutting 1 1/2-2 inch slits in the middle.

2. And then overlap slightly.

3. Glue the inner edge of the petals together.

Tap the link below to see  the full instructionS.