Making Large Paper Poppies

When I put something new on my walls that usually is a new paper flower design.

As a result of filling an empty wall in my space today, my brand new Lottie-style poppy flower design is now available to you for free and with step-by-step video instructions.

– Lottie Poppy paper flower template – Glue gun – Cricut machine – Scissors – Wood dowel for rolling the petals – Paper rolls


This tutorial is also special because I am introducing you to a different paper that I discovered works amazingly well for paper flower making.

Usually, I work with 65-pound cardstock for all my flowers and paper crafting, but I decided to try out Savage Universal paper rolls this time. 

Savage Universal has a wide array of colors to work with, and my favorite part? They come in large rolls, so they are more budget-friendly for big projects!

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